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This week feels like it's been going on forever.

Monday - Jobcentre in the morning, then work, then trial hours at Tesco
Tuesday - Jobcentre again in the morning, some sleep because I didn't get enough, a couple more hours at Tesco
Wednesday - Work again

It doesn't seem like much but it's about three times more than I usually do and involved a lot of walking and lifting (in the case of being at Tesco). I think I might have pulled something out in my back today because it's started to twinge quite badly in the past couple of hours. I've had some paracetamol and ibuprofen and have a hot water bottle against the sore bit and hopefully won't start nodding off early.

Something cool did happen today though. I'm normally downstairs on the shop floor, but I was upstairs doing tagging because there was no one else up there doing it. Julie came upstairs and asked me if I could grab a blanket from a high shelf down for her (because she is small), so I did, and asked her what it was for. Turned out a guy in the shop was buying it for the dog of a homeless man who sits outside, because it was very cold outside and the poor dog was shivering. This homeless man is rather tragic - he's clearly not a druggie or a drunk, he's always very grateful and polite when you give him money and he'll talk to you if you stop to have a chat. He takes good care of his dog and never begs for change - if you have it and give it to him then fine, but you never hear him ask. Sometimes he'll play his guitar.

And the person who had come into the shop was getting a blanket for his dog. The manager was going to just give it to him for free, because we would have never sold it anyway, but he insisted on paying for it, so she just asked for 50p. What a nice guy, eh?

Then there's a weird thing.

Ages ago, I made a blog post on tumblr that was pretty much a calm protest against the stereotypes that are slapped on Hetalia fans because of the anime that we enjoy. Months later, this damn blog post is still being reblogged. It has over 2300 notes now.

I just noticed someone reblogged it with a comment all GYAR WHY DOES IT MATTER IT'S JUST A SHOW... but that's the point. The show isn't the problem, it's the opinion that a lot of people have of the fans. I don't think this person has actually read what I wrote.
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