Jan. 12th, 2012

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For lack of an Iceland display picture, I'm going to use Norway. It's close enough.

We went to my dad's on Thursday, to see a pantomime. I'm pretty sure that America doesn't have pantomimes, and I have to tell you that you are really missing out. It was absolutely hilarious. But I'm not here to write about the panto.

A final chapter to the laptop saga comes in here. On Thursday night I got a text off mum saying that someone had called about a Samsung product. It turned out to be Laskys. Dad called them for me in Heathrow on Friday morning, and I spoke to someone who finally got in touch with the system support team and worked out exactly what had gone wrong. I should have my refund by this Friday. Thank god for that.

Large cut, with much rambling, and some photos. )
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Wicked Hetalia

Cast List:

Arthur Kirkland as Elphaba Thropp
Alfred Jones as Fiyero Tiggular
Francis Bonnefoy as Galinda Arduenna Upland
Natalia Arlovskaya as Nessarose Thropp
Matthew Williams as Boq
Rome as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Britannia as Melena Thropp
Germania as Frexspar Thropp
Madame Morrible as Herself
Doctor Dillamond as Himself

Therefore, pairings present will be:

Fr - UK friendship
Fr -> US
Can -> Fr
Bel -> Can


There will be seventeen chapters, named for each song on the soundtrack save for the reprise of Not That Girl, and I'll be drawing setting and dialogue from the songs as well as what I can remember from in between.

Nessarose was a hard one to cast, but I figure I can ease off on the crazy since Ivan isn't going to be around for Natalia to obsess over.


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