Jan. 27th, 2012


Jan. 27th, 2012 06:19 pm
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The past week and a half has been spent with my being mostly either asleep, or brain dead, much to my frustration as I've taken on a fic from [livejournal.com profile] haro and am now a week late with it. I feel rather bad about that, and it's more than half done now, but I haven't been able to write at all. By the time I got to a stage of being able to write, I couldn't do it because all I wanted to do was sleep. Huff.

I'm finally more or less back to normal now. At least, not wanting to go to sleep at 7pm.

First of all, hello to the people from the friending meme! I hope you won't find me terribly boring ^^; A couple of you I'm sure I knew already.

After all my flailing about it, I'm now on JSA, which is basically the dole with a better name because they sure as hell don't help you find a job any more than being on the dole did. I think I'll be getting £53.45 a week, and I have to go in every two weeks to show them how I'm being a good girl and trying to find a job. I'm sure I'll end up lying through my teeth at some points because there just aren't the jobs for me to find. It's irritating, and I'm wishing I'd got a job during university now, but eh, it can't be helped, and something will come along eventually. Just got to keep trying.

I am being proactive though, and I've got a volunteer position at a British Heart Foundation store in my town. It's pretty nice there, and everyone is really nice, the managers like me and think I'm fitting in really well. I'm mostly out on the shop floor because I said I didn't mind, they've had me on the till and dressing the windows and rotating stock and more or less being vigilant because can you believe people actually steal from charity shops? What kind of scum steals from a charity shop. I poked my head into the changing room on Wednesday to check for clothes/hangers (because people just leave them in there sometimes), and there were two labels on the floor. I showed them to Curtis, who identified them as a pair of women's pants and a pair of men's, and confirmed to me that they'd probably been stolen.

The value of both of them together was less than £6. Who does that?

When I started on Monday, the assistant manager (Sue) told me that it would be a couple of weeks before they'd put me on the till. On Wednesday I was on the till. And dressing the windows. And helping to rotate stock. I think I must just seem reliable or something xD

Someone came in on Wednesday stinking of urine =~= We had to prop the door open for an hour and spray air freshener everywhere to make the smell go away.

I was supposed to go in today, but I didn't manage to make it. I set out at 11.10am so I could go down to Morrisons (supermarket) and hand in a job application, and by the time I got there I was wet - jeans soaked up to the knees and rain in my shoes - so I was just like. Yeah, this isn't happening. I rang up the shop and Sue said it was fine, she had staff, and I could just go back home because by the time I got there, another 25 minute walk most likely, I would have been totally drenched and denim just doesn't dry. I was a bit miffed about that, 'cause I've been enjoying working there, but it would be no fun if I was cold and wet.

OKAY it is now time for me to concentrate. HYAAA~ *rides off into the sunset*


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