Feb. 19th, 2012

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Volunteering at the British Heart Foundation store is generally a good laugh anyway, but sometimes things happen that make it more amusing than usual. For instance, Kurtis' constant rage over having to do book rotations, or the way that Sian would probably stand there while someone carried half the stock out of the store, and how the bags of junk being thrown down the stairs sometimes sounds like someone is falling down them. I like to wind Kurtis up because the poor dear has very awkward social skills - which he admits - and his overreacting to things is occasionally funny (to clarify I don't do this just for his reactions, he knows I'm winding him up).

On Friday, while I was having my lunch hour, Clive brought in a brown paper carrier bag of magazines to the manager (who was also having her lunch). He put them on her lap, and she moved a plastic bag that was on top. I, on the other side of the table, glanced at the magazines and then spotted something that had me pointing and yelling "SPIDER!" in what was probably a more panicked voice than I remember.

Michelle, who doesn't like spiders, flipped everything off her knee.
Karl jumped up on a chair.
I nearly flipped back out of my chair.
Clive backed out of the room.
Paul and Kurtis cracked up laughing.

Then we had to find the spider because no one believed I'd seen it. Clive found on on the floor and tried to rescue it but I think the magazines had fallen on it and it was crawling across the floor with half its legs not working. So Clive squished it.

Augh spiders.

Moving on, I got a gift in the mail yesterday! I didn't expect it so soon because it was bought from the internet, but my awesome friend [livejournal.com profile] inu_taiyoukai sent me this little darling!

He's tiny (about six inches long) and his name is Terrance! He has pride of place on my pillow with my other favourite toys and the little TY Beanie that [livejournal.com profile] iiluov got me is his little girlfriend.



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