Feb. 28th, 2012

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Feb. 28th, 2012 07:04 pm
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So, I had a somewhat interesting day yesterday.

We don't tend to get rude people at work - at least, I don't. If you listened to Karl you'd think everyone who walked in was going to bite your head off. Yesterday, though, I got a total doozy.

A woman came in, totally normal-looking. After she looks through the ladies' coats for a few minutes she picks out a black one and brings it to the counter, pulling the arm up. She asks me if she can get any money off the coat, since there are a few drops of paint on the arm. I look, and it isn't paint, it's just dirt - I scratch it off with my thumbnail. She seems satisfied and walks away with the coat, and I think she's just having another look around or putting the coat back. A minute later, she comes back, with the same coat, only this time it has a rip down the back. This isn't a small rip, it's over six inches long, and it isn't even down a seam.

I'm confused now, because a garment this badly damaged shouldn't be on the shop floor at all. However, this woman insists she can mend it ('I might be able to sew it' she says 'I'm not amazing but I might be able to'), so I shout someone down from upstairs and he takes the coat up to the manager. When he comes down, he tells the woman that she can't have the coat - Michelle won't sell it to her in that state.

So now, she wants to speak to the manager. Michelle comes down and they talk by the door to the upstairs for five minutes. I'm serving other customers so I can't hear them, but the next thing I know, the woman is storming past me, sans the coat, talking to her friend about how she's going to call head office and report my manager.

I wonder, what is she going to say? 'Your employee wouldn't sell me a damaged coat'? I can see how that would go down.

I don't understand some people O_o

And then there's the people who come in at 4:55pm (we close at 5pm) and just idle around. I'm standing right there, with the keys, waiting to lock the door. I know you can see me. LEAVE PLEASE.



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