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For lack of an Iceland display picture, I'm going to use Norway. It's close enough.

We went to my dad's on Thursday, to see a pantomime. I'm pretty sure that America doesn't have pantomimes, and I have to tell you that you are really missing out. It was absolutely hilarious. But I'm not here to write about the panto.

A final chapter to the laptop saga comes in here. On Thursday night I got a text off mum saying that someone had called about a Samsung product. It turned out to be Laskys. Dad called them for me in Heathrow on Friday morning, and I spoke to someone who finally got in touch with the system support team and worked out exactly what had gone wrong. I should have my refund by this Friday. Thank god for that.

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A warm welcome to [ profile] igrab, [ profile] iwantasoda, [ profile] kilobites and [ profile] erkn to my journal from the LBGTQA Friending Meme~ I hope that you will not find me too annoying.

And a welcome back to [ profile] cazzwell since we somehow managed to unfriend each other. :1

I am a generally pleasant, sociable person who likes making new friends so don't be wary of talking to me <3 If you want to know anything I'm pretty much an open book, feel free to ask! All my contact info is in the second post of my journal, feel free to add me anywhere. =)

In other news, I'm heading down to my dad's tomorrow (or, well, today by my watch, I am going to get no sleep ever), and we're going to see a pantomime - Aladdin. On Friday afternoon, we're going to Iceland for the weekend. I'm not sure if I'm excited yet, but I guess I'll see if I can actually get to sleep tomorrow night. I can't sleep NOW when I've been tired all day so I guess I might be. I like planes. My sister doesn't. I'm a little concerned she won't like anything that's available to eat since apparently we have a set menu, but hopefully they'll be prepared for things like that. I really want to try puffin. I know, I'm awful. =V

We come back to dad's on Monday then back home on Tuesday. I know I'm going to miss my bed. Aaaah.
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Okay, it's been a while, and hell knows if I'll actually get this finished tonight, but here goes nothing.

On Friday we found ourselves in Leigh at two in the morning, waiting for the connecting minibus to take us to Knutsford so we could get on the coach. It took us eight hours to get to Dover because of bad weather and having to go off the motorway, and diversions we had to make to pick people up. The drive to Dover is, if you go straight, about five hours. I wasn't impressed, and I spent a lot of it somewhat bored since my phone battery doesn't handle ebuddy to well and it only lasted about four hours. I think I slept, a bit, and after a bit of a blip at Dover thanks to us being late for our ferry we were on our way to Calais. The sea had this strange mist over it, and I ventured up onto the outside deck (even though it was freezing and took a few photos, which if you haven't seen them will be in the album linked to at the bottom of this entry.

From Calais (France) we drove an hour and a half to Ostend, in Belgium. I can't say I was overwhelmed with the place though there was a very pretty ship in the harbour, which was all lit up as we left.

After we meandered around the town for a few hours we went to our hotel, and I was dealing with a steadily mounting urge to kill the people sat behind me on the coach. I'm sure you know the sort - the people who never shut up and complain about everything, while most of the things they complain about could be solved by them if they'd just stop complaining and deal with it.

Needless to say they were the bane of my existence for the entire weekend but I did my best to ignore them.

I crashed as soon as we got to the hotel. In my clothes. And slept for about twelve hours. On Saturday the day began bright and early and we set out for Valkenburg, Netherlands at 9am. People behind us were still complaining. I wanted to kill them all. They would not shut up about how the tour guide person on the bus wasn't telling them anything, but if they'd just shut up for five minutes they might have been able to hear him.

Anyway, we paid a little extra to be taken to some other markets in a placed called Maastricht. 'T was very pretty, and we had some mulled wine, which was nice. Also my idea, I swear mum and John had never had it before or something. It was so rich though, I couldn't even manage to drink one glass. After a couple of hours there we went to Valkenburg, which has its Christmas markets inside caves. It was very pretty, the only downside being that once you left, you couldn't go back in. It was also really freakin' cold, but I didn't mind that so much. Oddly, I wasn't really cold for the entire trip. I did buy some very cute gloves in Valkenburg - sort of suedeish and a light tan colour, with no fingers and fur around the edges. I also bought a candle shaped like a teapot and one of those glass things with bubbles inside that make a picture. People kept talking to me in Dutch! That's the problem about holidaying in northern Europe - if you're white-British, you don't look foreign enough XP

That night we had a meal in the hotel, which didn't go as well as we would have liked since the kitchen actually forgot about us and we were waiting two hours for our food. I wasn't that bothered, really - I'd had wine, I was just giggling - but mum was livid. It was a good thing the food was so good once we finally got it. I had steak.

Sunday saw us going home, but first we had a final stop to make, and one I'd been looking forward to. Bruges. The Venice of the North. It really was gorgeous, and I want to go again. I love places like that - where everything looks different and you just know you're in another country. Over the markets the bells in the Belfort en Hallen were ringing constantly and the snow had cleared but it still had a very Christmassy feel to it. It took us 20 minutes to walk to the markets from where the coach dropped us off, and when we found the edge of the main town centre there were lines of horse and carriages, with very enthusiastic drivers who would shout ahead in Dutch, French and English that we had to get out of the way because they weren't going to stop! 

Bruges is full of chocolate shops. Some of them have very strange things in them. The last thing I expected to see in what looked like a high-end chocolate shop was a row of chocolate penises. I admit I tittered a bit, though it made me wonder how that sort of thing would go over in England. Probably not very well.

We walked around Bruges for a few hours. I bought a snowglobe with the Belfort en Hallen in it, and a little dragon statuette, because I collect them. I also found a very nice mug with blue windmills painted on it and 'I love Holland' on the handle. The irony of buying it in Belgium did not escape me. I also had the most amazing waffle I have ever tasted - hot, with cream and strawberries on it. I was completely determined to eat the entire thing, even when it started falling apart.

It was so good ;~; I would very much like to go back to Bruges. I love places where I can walk around all day taking photos.

We crossed the channel at night this time, and then it took us a further eight hours to get home, by which time, my god, I was just glad to be home. I'd forgotten just how much stuff I'd bought.

After we got back, on the Tuesday, I was very ill. I did in fact lose ten pounds in ten days, which is the most weight I've lost in the past five or six years. Mother blames my eating habits, which would be fine if I hadn't had the same eating habits for the past three years (which she denies). If I ate like a normal person, I'd start putting on loads of weight, because I never do anything to burn it off.

*turns randomness switch on*



My dog has a weird lump on him. It's about the size of a pea and looks like a cyst. He's going to the vet tomorrow and my god I hope it isn't the 'C' word because if it is I might just be completely useless for all my assignments, which are due in four weeks. God that does seem like a long time doesn't it but it really isn't.

Holiday pics here

/end waffle.
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Off to the continent.

Oostende, Bruges (Belgium) and Valkenburg (Netherlands).

Back on Sunday o3o

I must buy something with a tulip on it.

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When we got to Venice, and it was a very odd feeling. It never really sunk in over the entire weekend that that was where we were, and once we got home it didn't feel like we'd been. I didn't feel as if I was abroad though I quite obviously was. This was our hotel, and our room. It had a staircase!

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Sep. 9th, 2010 11:44 pm
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So I'm going away tomorrow.

To Venice


I'll see y'all on Monday ^_~
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If it's not one thing it's another.

My current addition? Pokémon. I don't care if that's dorky. At all. So nurr.

What can I say. Hrm. I haven't really written anything now in... a while, except something I wrote for [ profile] plextral which I don't think will ever see the light of day. I dunno why that is. Maybe my brain has decided it wants a hiatus. Probably.

I still need to apply for my university course, but they're having an open day in four days, so I'm taking that to mean I still have time. All I need to do is write my personal statement and I know for a fact I don't even need to try because I'm practically on the course already but eh, procrastinating. I'll make sure to get it done next week before I go away.

I also need to get my measurements and order my costume for next month, and get some riding boots - finally managed to find some cheap ones that will look good enough to pass. Kinda looking forward this one, especially since I know a couple of people from LJ who will be there! =3

Finally on the exciting news front, I am off to Venice in less than a week! I There will be so much picspam for you guys when I get back that your browsers will crash.

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Did you miss me? :3

Ramblings and pics to follow. Watch this space~

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Jul. 2nd, 2010 12:11 am
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At 8:30 this morning I will be leaving the house.

At around 9:30 I will get to Manchester airport.

At 10:55 I will be on a plane on my way across the Irish Sea to Dublin, to stay for a week in another country with a girl I've never met.

Wish me luck, and I'll see you all next Friday!

Piro - Sorry I don't have your fic finished yet ;-; It'll be done when I get back I promise.
Annu - I'll get those Aero bars to you when I get back ! <3

To all you Americans, have a good 4th of July~

Now then!

Apr. 14th, 2010 05:23 pm
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Now it's been established that I need to stalk the main comm a lot more often, I actually have an update today.

My sad absence from posting fics has been due to many things, not all of them good, but on Sunday I went to Southport. For those British people who have never been to Southport, imagine Blackpool only less gaudy, with fewer piers, and you've about got it. If you're British and can't imagine Blackpool on account of never having been or suffering some kind of post-traumatic stress from being left in the underground public toilets by your mother's friend who was supposed to be looking after you and coming up on the wrong side of the road and being shouted at because of it... more power to you, you don't want to imagine Blackpool.

The phone is ringing. I'm not answering it. Phones weird me out.

Anyway- bleurgh, cold tea... - the weather was good (shock) and we wandered around, and walked up the mile pier. Not all the way to the end, because a mile is a long way to walk for bugger all and then you still have to walk back.

We saw a pigeon. I'm sure you're wondering why I'm bringing this up and I'm doing so on account of the fact that I found this pigeon rather amusing. It was just sat there, on a bit of grass next to the pier, surrounded by bits of bread, barely feet from the path and not moving when people walked past it. We - that is, the people I was with, that being my friend Kelly, her boyfriend Matt, and Matt's friend Pete - decided that this pigeon was a low ranking member of the seagull mafia and was guarding the stash until they came back.

On the beach, Kelly and I rescued five ladybirds. I don't know what the hell they were doing half a mile out on the sand but they seemed to have crash landed, and were unable to take off again because of the wind. It was rather windy.

We later saw the same pigeon, on the other side of the path, sat between the tracks of a train line. Apparently he had failed in his duties and rather than let the seagulls take care of him was saving them the job and doing it himself.

Then, we went for some Chinese. There was a cute waiter there. I had duck. I love duck. Yum yum.

I spent the next couple of days making myself horribly depressed looking for jobs, before coming to the conclusion that there are no jobs. I have just been informed by my friend Tom that he has just been offered a job, so perhaps I'm not looking hard enough, or all the jobs are on another plane of existence that I simply don't have access to. I'm probably not looking hard enough, but the other explanation makes me feel better.

A good thing is that I talked to the friend I was bawwing about yesterday, and she really hasn't changed all that much. Not that I can tell, anyway. Yet. We shall see. What I find funny is that for the past couple of months she's been practically stalking me too scared to talk to me because of what I'd think of her. Silly woman. I do love her though.

Bit of TMI, now. Maybe. If you're squicky about that kind of thing.

I got the curse dropped on me this morning. I've been in pain all day. The main problem with this, is that I'm in so much pain that it upsets my stomach, so I really don't want to eat anything.

It really fucking sucks.

What else can I tell you...

I'm going to Brugge in December. Mum wanted to go in July for her birthday but we figured it might be too hot and so we got on a thing for the Christmas Markets. I'll take lots of photos.

I'm also going to Venice in September. This was not quite so elaborately planned, more of a suggestion sprung onto my father [ profile] pushkingram by myself and my sister [ profile] sparklyscorpio . We didn't actually expect him to agree to take us, but he did, because he's freaking awesome. So I'm going to Venice. I'll take lots of photos.

I might also be going to Ireland if I can ever get a hold of my friend Alison to make the arrangements for summer.

Also, I might impose myself upon [ profile] lemiru in Switzerland if I have the money. We can have tea.

I'm going to be writing a lot today.

Stuff o.o

Aug. 28th, 2009 07:27 pm
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Well, I'm in London at the moment, listening to Robin snoring in the next room X3 I could probably do with a nap myself but I know if I sleep now I'll not sleep tonight and my sleep pattern has been thrown off enough as it is. I'll go wake him up in half an hour. With a long stick, if I can find one. The trip here was pretty uneventful, aside from me completely messing up with setting my alarm and having to ring mum up so she could give me money for a taxi. Was okay though, and I got here on time all present and correct. I haven't eaten yet, but that'll be because Robin keeps plying me with tea and crumpets and battenburg so I'm not really hungry.

Jim and Elaine will be here tomorrow, as will Robin's brother Michael, who I'm looking forward to meeting as he sounds like an awesome kind of geek and plays Fallout 3 so I can talk about it with him - should be good =3

I'm working out another way of paying for a Masters degree. Hopefully, once I've spoken to my tutor, I'll be able to get on track with getting a scholarship. Now, that would be cool. Having everything paid for would really help, though I think I'm going to have to work myself like a dog this year to get a good grade and beat the other people who are going for the same thing. No worries. I know I'm capable of getting a first class degree, I just have to make sure I give it my all. No problem.  I hope X3

For the moment I have some things to work on - chapter five of my fic and another one-shot for a community I've taken to posting on. Well, they wanted more from me, so they're gonna get it.
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And not a moment too soon as far as I'm concerned. This (*ehem*) holiday has served to remind me just why I don't spend so much time with my family - they drive me insane. Especially John. Especially. There are no words, so I'll just go ahead and give an account of what we did and so on, plus whining and so on, most of which won't be included when I put it in my dA journal because my mother reads that... =D


I don't believe that I have ever seen so many service stations on a single car journey. We arrived bang on 4pm and met the owner of the cottage where we're staying for the week. She seemed a little abrupt but I couldn't blame her, she'd only just finished cleaning up. 
As for the cottage itself, well, it isn't anything like the one in Scotland. Rather on the small side and Amy and I are practically sleeping in the same bed. At least the bathroom is a decent size.
Mum and John went for a walk to 'explore' Steeple Ashton. It didn't take long. I missed everything for the last 40 minutes of the journey - fell asleep - so I'll have to go have a nosey. Not today though.


Up early today to go to Longleat. We got called on this morning by Penny (the 'landlady') who apologised for being 'grumpy' yesterday. Apparently the people who had left the day we arrived had left quite a mess and she'd had to clean it all up. I don't blame her for being a bit grouchy. I mentioned that I liked churches and she said she could arrange a visit for me to watch the bellringers tomorrow. We used to go to the church when dad did his ringing. I said that sounded neat, so she said she'll ask whoever it is that would be able to give permission for that.

Longleat was fantastic - well worth the £23 per person to get in. We did the safari first, though the monkey section was closed (not that we would have gone through anyway - John wanted to keep the car intact). There were signs up everywhere saying not to feed or touch the animals so what I didn't expect half way 'round was a herd of tame fallow deer, where we were invited to buy cups of pellets and hand feed them. Probably won't ever have a chance like that again unless I go back to Longleat at some point. I intend to.
The animals didn't seem at all bothered about us. That probably makes them more dangerous, especially the lions and tigers. They'd just walk across the road in front of the cars. When we got to the wolves I expected them all to be hiding but no, the whole pack was lying right near the road and (I believe) the alpha male walked across right in front of our car. He was gorgeous. Grey and white and he just loped in front of the car to the other side of the road. I wish I could have got a photo but I think Amy did. I'll have to nab it off her if it's a good one. I didn't bring my camera with me because the lens is a bit buggered (because I point it at the sun too much), so I've been using my phone all week and my memory card has been protesting and removing itself from my phone. I should have brought my cable to link it to my laptop but I didn't think I'd be taking so many photos. I'll have to sort them out when I get home but it shouldn't be a problem.

After the safari we went to look at the rest. There was a huge house (where the very eccentric Lord lives), which we could go inside and look at. You never see houses like that unless they're on display (of sorts)... it's like the kind of thing that you see on TV but never think of as being real. We must have walked through about three different dining rooms. All seems a bit superfluous to me but I suppose if you have the money then spend it. They are a funny lot, though, the gentry. 
After the house we went on a few other things... John irritated the hell out of me by making that noise you make to call a cat over (that 'chh-chh-chh' sound) at every damn animal we saw. And I mean sure, for one or two, but when he does it at every damn animal it just gets stupid, and he looks stupid when he does it. I like to pretend I'm not with him at those times. Saves me snapping and telling him just how big of a moron I really think he is.

We went in the shops, because you have to go in the gift shops. Amy didn't have any money and I didn't get anything in the first one though I had my eye on a plush wolf. I like wolves. In the second shop I got a pen and a notebook with dragons on (both) and then went back to the first one and got the wolf I wanted. Amy snuck up on me - she wanted a plush tiger so I was going to get her one and surprise her with it - and she asked me for a bracelet instead, which was cheaper. So I looked at it, and then picked up the tiger too and got her both. Because I'm a lovely sister like that. And I got my wolf. Mum bought me a t-shirt with a wolf on it. It looks petable.

When we got back Penny came out to speak to us. Apparently I'm meeting the guy from the church at the gate tomorrow at quarter to ten. Just as well that today has been so knackering or I'd be up all night.


Got up at about 9am to go to the church. Left Amy in bed. The ringers were very nice and it took me back to when dad used to go. Apparently there's a lot of ringing groups around Manchester. I might have a look into that. Maybe.
When I got back mum and John went for a walk so I went as well. Would have been nice if it wasn't for the horseflies everywhere. I, not knowing what they were, let one land on me and asked mum what it was. She said 'it's a horsefly' and in that same instant I felt the little bastard bite me. Like a pinprick. I flicked it off me and I think I got it before it did any damage. Worst that'll happen is my arm swells up. I remember the state of mum when one bit her ear. It went all puffy and we had a doctor in the house and she fainted while he was looking at it.
I don't like horseflies.


Up early again, this time to go to London. I had no idea that it was Glastonbury week so the fact we had reserved seats made no difference at all. We were lucky to even get on the train. So we spent an hour and a half standing up surrounded by muddy people in wellingtons most of whom were asleep or falling asleep. I've never seen a person asleep standing up. I don't think some of them had slept for about three days. Apparently it's worth it, but staying awake that long would make me really ill. That horsefly bite has come up in a small red mark so I think I got it away before it managed to inject me with anything.
At Reading mum made the suggestion that we get off and walk to the other end of the carriage. I'm not sure she had a clear head on her - had she seen the amount of people falling asleep in front of the doors? I'd been the last on so they weren't getting off unless I did, so I refused. If we got off there was a good chance we wouldn't get back on again. Bugger that. Several people around us suddenly became chatty just as we got to London. I wished they'd been that talkative all the way there, it might have made the journey go faster. Though I did find out that Glastonbury costs about £175 on average... sounds pretty good value to me, so maybe I'll go next year.

We got to London at something past eleven and went straight to Camden. Mum p'd me off by faffing around with the ticket machine then had the nerve to get annoyed with me when I told her to move because there were people queueing behind us. I'd already told her what kind of ticket we needed. You'd think she'd never been on the underground before and John was second-guessing everything I said. I spent the better part of a weekend on the underground last October, I know what I'm doing.

Anyway. We got to Camden. The underground was roasting. You'd think they'd have better arrangements for when it gets so hot, it's not as if it's the first time that's happened. All they're doing is putting big fans on the major stations and giving out advice over the customer announcement thing. We had some lunch in Camden (I think it was the food bit that burned. There was loads more there the last time I saw it.), then I went to meet a couple of friends for a drink and mum, John and Amy went off to sight see and I got to sit in a nice cool pub with Joe and Robin, and Vikki when she turned up later. At about four I went to find the others and Robin came with me to Covent Gardens. I found them and he went, and Amy showed me her snazzy new coat.
John had wandered off to get a drink and he was gone for about half an hour. Turned out he'd gone off completely and walked half a mile to a Tesco Express without telling us. I'm pretty sure I was justified in being annoyed about that, then he got bitchy so I snapped back at him, and it was me who got shouted at. I took solace in the fact that Amy agreed that it wasn't my fault. I was nice to her (again) and bought her a drink because John had brought back water, when the whole damn family knows she doesn't drink it and he's lying when he says he doesn't know. Feh.

I would have gladly gone home at that point because he was being a tit but we walked around for a bit longer and I stayed to watch this guy who was singing. He was really good. We got to him just as he was starting Music of the Night and from the sound of him he should have been doing more than singing in the market square for coppers.
I walked off for a bit and found a guy balancing a mountain bike on his head. That was odd. So I went back 'round. The opera guy was singing Santa Lucia, and then he did the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Still singing, he walked through the tables to two women sat watching him, and swapped shoes with one of them, and got the other's cardigan and gave her his shirt, then he got the first woman, now wearing his shoes, up to dance with him. I was sat there giggling and half fearing that he'd come over to try and get some item of clothing off me. He didn't, thankfully, but my lord it was funny.

We'd run out of things to do, so we got something to eat, then went to the station to see when the next train back to Westbury was. Mum then ruined my day by being whiny and insisting we wait around for an hour and a half because she didn't want there to be the slimmest chance that she'd have to stand up on the way home. So we ended the day sitting in a random park, and I watched Amy playing Sudoku in the free paper I'd picked up earlier in the day. Nine hours is far too long to spend in London if you don't live there, especially when it's so hot.

So, after another knackering day I'd somehow been to London without buying anything. I'm not sure how I managed that. Though I do now have £30 because mum spent the same on Amy to buy her a coat/jacket. Yay. So I'll have to get Tom to take me to Camden on Saturday.


We were going to go to some place called Castle Coombe today, but after I expressed a wish to go and see an actual castle and not just a village that was named to sound like there was a castle there, we ended up going to Farleigh Hungerford. It would have been very boring if it wasn't for the free (yes, free =o) audio tour thing that we got. Good job we got them as well, so we ended up there for an hour instead of fifteen minutes. It was pretty interesting really. I have some photos, but I don't have the means to put them up yet so I'll have to do that when I get home. The crypt was unnaturally cold. It gave me the creeps just being down there. I mean sure, hot air rises and all but it shouldn't have been that cold.
It was a pretty short day out though, but I wouldn't have wanted to go off on a long trip again after London the day before. That would have been a bit much.


Ventured out once more, this time to Beaulieu (Byoo-Lee) motor museum (and abbey, and house, etc). Wasn't really worth what we paid to get in. John was disappointed. I went off on my own when we got there - I couldn't stand sitting next to John working his way through four sandwiches and a bottle of (diet, lol) coca cola with sweat dripping off his chin for a moment longer. It's disgusting. Ugh. Thinking about it makes me shudder. So I went off to explore the abbey, which is mostly ruined thanks to Henry VIII (cheers, jackass), but still very pretty. I didn't stay on my own for long because my phone was dying and I didn't want to end up not being able to find them, so I caught up to them and ended up going back up to the abbey because mum wanted to see it. Then we had a look at the house there and after that there wasn't much to do really, so we went to this otter and owl sanctuary and had a poke around there. John pissed me off with his stupid 'chh-chh'ing at the deer and I told him he sounded ridiculous, then I stopped and let them go on without me. He's like a bloody child I swear, you tell him one thing and he does another. I don't care if he's a grown man he acts like a three year old.
Anyway. When I finally set off I walked around a corner and came across another fallow deer following two people down the path. It was very tame and very cute, and let me pet it. Apparently it tried to eat mum's top. So the conclusion is that fallow deer are very friendly, but they will nom on you. They are also very petable.

The otters were just too cute though. Me and Amy went to watch them get fed and they were so noisy! They knew the keeper was coming and they were squeaking and mewing really loudly. There was a huge group of Oriental Small-clawed Otters, and a group of about eight Eurasian Otters, then two Giant Otters together. Too cute.

We got a pencil out of that one.


Last proper day, we went up to the White Horse at Westbury for a picnicky thing. It was very warm but there was a nice breeze so it wasn't too bad. We could hear this noise of a plane and John figured it must have been flying over Salisbury Plains, then it flew over us. It was a Tornado, apparently. Very noisy. Mum and John went off to have a nosey around the other side of the hill and Amy pointed out a 'plane', and when I looked it was so close and very quiet. John said it was a Hercules. It was huge! It went around the other side of the hill then came back, banked, and went back around the hill again. Apparently my uncle Andy used to come home from Cyprus in them.

The Horse itself was decent enough but it's a pity they covered it in concrete. It's all to protect it I suppose but I dunno, it seems a shame to me. I probably made my little exploration of the hills harder than it had to be by traipsing off in the wrong direction and ending up having to trudge through some nettles. I had 3/4 pants on, so my shins got a little bit stung. Was alright though.

We got my train ticket on the way back, because they've decided that it would be better to put me on a train to Reading than to drive there. Apparently it's cheaper to go via Bath so I'm doing that. I hate changing at stations but I have ten minutes to do it and Bath Spa is only two platforms. Good job too or I might get lost.


Out by 9:40, didn't even see the owners to say goodbye but I don't suppose it matters. I hopped on my train and had a screaming child in the seat in front all the way to Bath. I nearly got lost in Bath station but I did alright and got my train to Reading. Dad was a little late but he met me there and we went to his office.
Then (yay) after holding off all week Mother Nature decided to visit me with my monthly gift and I had horrific cramps all afternoon that I managed to get rid of with some ibuprofen. However that was some eight hours ago and it's most definitely wearing off.
We had cottage pie for tea, because I asked for it. It was yummy.

Off to London tomorrow.



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