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To-do list:

Important!: Secret Santa fic for [ profile] usxuk community.

FrScot fic, non-AU, present.
USUK fic, Secret Garden AU.
US-centric fic, Fallout AU.
UK-centric fic, non-AU, history.
Russtralia fic, non-AU, history.
PrUK fic, Greek myth AU (Pygmalion).
23 prompts, various.

Dark Brotherhood fic, Oblivion.

Also need to find a goddamn job. For some reason my writing feels more important.
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I've agreed to do a reverse bungee. It will be taking place on November 13th. My boyfriend [ profile] lemmi162 will be there to watch, as will my dad [ profile] pushkingram if he can stay over on the Saturday night since he'll be here anyway.

Why did I agree to this?


In other news, MY BOYFRIEND IS COMING OVER. I don't talk about him much, and I ought to. His name is Darren, and he's from Reno, Nevada, and we're finally going to meet when he comes over to England for a week and a half next month. >O<;;

Mum seems to be in a much better mood now that me and Amy have taken on cleaning the house. I'm not minding this at all since cleaning doesn't take much effort and it makes my life easier if she's not breathing down my neck because she thinks I'm being lazy.

I had to clean my goldfish's tank again today (after about three days) because there was a load of random white fluffy stuff clinging to everything. I'm not sure what it is but it seems to be a kind of fungus that's caused by decaying material in the tank - namely plants and food. Since the tank is cleaned regularly the plants aren't dying and any bits that are stuck in the gravel get removed, so I can only assume that it's because my stepdad is overfeeding the poor thing and it's leaving food on the bottom which then is causing the fungus. Lovely. I'm going to be keeping an eye on the tank to make sure it doesn't come back.

It's getting to winter now and it's growing cold. At the moment it's 10 degrees outside (that's 50F) which may not seem that cold to a lot of people but when you live in a temperate climate it's sliding to the lower end of uncomfortable. What's more uncomfortable, however, is not the fact that it's cold outside, but when it's cold outside it's also cold inside. My bedroom, and my sister's, are located in a dormer and when it was built it didn't really get amazing insulation, as well as having a flat roof. So, the rooms lose heat. Quickly. I'm not looking forward to this winter. Ironically, in summer it's the complete opposite and the rooms hold in the heat like a furnace.

Plotbunnies are coming in thick and fast these days. Right now I have 25 fics on my prompts left to do, and four chapterfics. One of them is new, an idea given to me by something my bestu [ profile] berwaldox said. It's been a while since I've had a France/Scotland idea, but while RPing with her, something that her Scotland said caught my eye - "He's come back to me like I always said he would" or something to that effect. I'm going to see what I can make of it but it's likely going to be a short chapterfic with some matchmaking. I do like France/Scotland.
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I've finally begun making a start on my prompts so expect a flood of fics over the next few days. We have...
  • Eight US/UK
  • Four Sweden/Norway
  • Two France/Canada
  • Two Denmark/Norway
  • One France/Spain
  • One Spain/UK
  • One UK/Canada
  • One Prussia/UK
  • One Prussia/Austria
  • One Spain/US/UK
  • One Mexico/Canada
  • One Lestat/Louis
Spot the odd one out. Ahaha. I should mention I'm still open for more xD I like having things to occupy my time. I'm currently working on finishing Eternal Sonata, Dragon Age II, and Fallout: New Vegas, and have recently finished Fable III after playing it for three days straight.

It's been a bit odd around here recently, for more than one reason. For one my sleeping pattern has turned completely around over the past week, and I've gone from being practically nocturnal to actually having what most people would call a 'normal' sleeping pattern. It doesn't sit well with me, I haven't been sleeping very well. Another odd thing is how my mum's been behaving. I'm tempted to say it's hormones. Yesterday she yelled at me for telling her a pan was oily. I thought it was just me, but after I spoke to my sister I found she'd noticed it too. If it was something we'd done, we'd sure as hell know it.

I don't really want to end up as one of those people who never speaks to their mother after they leave home but to be honest I can see it happening. Of course that requires actually having the money to move out, first... which I don't.

She said today, that she was going to start leaving jobs for my sister and I to do. I should stress here that we don't mind this at all and have in fact been saying for some time that it would be fine if she did it. She said it like we were going to kick up a fuss. Sometimes I just don't know what's going on in her head.
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Aside from the 25 Hetalia fics I have to write (+ one Vampire Chronicles fic, sorry Anne I don't care if you don't like my writing fics about your work), my next three big projects are as follows.

The first is one which has been up in the air for a while, titled Jack. In 1888, a serial killer murdered five women in the Whitechapel district of London. The killer was never caught, and later conspiracy theories ranged from the plausible to the ridiculous, even implicating the royal family. [In my headcanon] Arthur Kirkland is unable to refuse an order from his monarchy, so when the eldest son of King Edward VII begins ordering him to murder young women who may be able to reveal things about his less-than-noble private activities, there's little he can do to refuse.

The second is an idea which has come to me recently, after playing a hell of a lot of Fallout: New Vegas. At first I thought it might be a little difficult to blend the two together, given the context (and if you're interested go and read these three links - Divergence, The Great War, Timeline, because they might be kind of important), but then I hit upon an idea and just ran with it. I'm going to try to explain as much as I can within the story itself because I know not everyone who likes Hetalia will have also played Fallout and I can't assume that people know as much as I do (a failing of mine to assume people can read things into my writing that I never put there in the first place). The main characters will be Alfred and Matthew (who has been a political prisoner since the US Annexation of Canada) half to make it easier for me to write and half to give Alfred someone to talk to... which kind of feeds into it being easier to write.

What I'm just stuck on for that is a title, and my boyfriend is being awesome in helping me even though he's not that keen on Hetalia, he still loves Fallout and he loves me :D

The third project I have in mind is a Prussia/England fic based on the Greek myth of Pygmalion, which should be interesting. I haven't got all the kinks worked out of that one yet though I did get some good ideas from [ profile] berwaldox which I'm going to have to go back and look at.

I have also jumped in on the [ profile] usxuk Secret Santa, so am looking forward to doing that :D

I'm pondering posting my fics on [ profile] hetaliafic since I joined it but never actually posted on it. I'll have to see if I can work up the nerve 8|
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RE: the title. I do this a lot. I have this strange aversion to any kind of responsibility that I think comes down to a fear of failing. It's this kind of thing that makes me think I'm never going to be able to hold down anything more than a low-level job, because really, I just can't handle that kind of thing. It's silly, really, and I don't entirely understand it because it's not like I can't manage to do it when I have to. I've been a waitress before for heaven's sake and when I was doing that I was doing far more than what should actually be expected from a waitress. It is, however, the reason that I don't yet have a job. It's pretty useless trying to explain this to my mum because I know before I even begin what she'll say to me. That's it's just how things are, that I have no choice, that it's part of being an adult and I have to get used to it but I think it's the lack of choice that bothers me the most. I've never liked being forced into things, and adulthood is just yet another one of those 'no choice' situations that I'm vainly battling against.

I'm probably going to end up wasting my life e.e

Ah well, stuff to do, stuff to do. None of it is stuff I'm supposed to be doing, of course.
  • Clean out goldfish tank
  • Write PrUK aph_fluffathon fic
  • Write DenNor aph_fluffathon fic
  • Write TurkEgy fic
  • Reply to USUK roleplay
  • Write first chapter of Oblivion fic
  • Play Oblivon
To be honest, I will likely spend most of the day playing Oblivion. After I clean out the fish tank, because it really needs doing. The water smells weird e.e

The goldfish is still black, and actually it has got worse, but still his behaviour hasn't changed so I can only assume he's not suffering with it. He just.. looks kind of funny.

To-do list.

Jul. 6th, 2011 03:30 pm
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To-do list for the day:

  1. Finish Homestuck fic
  2. Finish fic for [info]chiisana00 
  3. Write 'Fast Food' prompt
  4. Reply to PrUK roleplay
  5. Write one fluffathon fic
Lots of writing on my hands, here's hoping I get it all done.


Jul. 4th, 2011 05:23 pm
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I managed a scant six hours of sleep last night before the heat woke me up, and now I have about five things to do and I can't concentrate on a single one of them. I need to:
  1. Reply to a roleplay [PrUK]
  2. Write today's summer camp prompt [USUK]
  3. Get started on the two fluffathon prompts I've picked up [Pruk][DenNor]
  4. Start working on at least one other fic, likely the one I need to do for [ profile] chiisana00 's birthday [UKUS]
I do love this fandom but oh man is it ever taxing on my time. xD


Jun. 23rd, 2011 07:53 pm
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Today is going to be spent doing a hell of a lot of writing.

It's come to my attention recently (not that it really left my attention, more than I've been trying to ignore it) that I have a lot of unfinished fics on my computer.
  1. DenmarkxNorway - untitled - The two of them on a beach, Denmark being his usual derpy self.
  2. England - 'Jack' - An England-centric Jack the Ripper story.
  3. FinlandxRussia - 'The Winter War' - The Winter War of 1939/1940, Finland being generally badass.
  4. FrancexSpain - untitled - Just some cute fluffy stuff.
  5. FrancexJeanne d'Arc - untitled - Angst on the anniversary of Jeanne's execution.
  6. Liechtenstein - 'Hell Hath No Fury' - Liechtenstein-centric story, Switzerland's house is invaded, she proves she can take care of herself.
  7. North Korea & South Korea - 'My Brother, My Enemy' - Angsty drama stuff.
  8. PrussiaxHungary - untitled - Prussia seeing Hungary dressed as a girl for the first time and being attracted to her.
  9. RussiaxAustralia - untitled - Story on Russia's entire involvement in Australia's life.
  10. RussiaxCanada - 'A Dangerous Game' - Russia and Canada drunk and playing Russian roulette.
  11. SpainxRomano - 'Non Me Lo So Spiegare' - Spain becomes tired of Romano always pushing him away and decides to settle things once and for all.
  12. UK & Iceland - 'The Act of Kindness' - England visits Iceland in the midst of his financial crisis, and instead of demanding repayment ends up taking care of the ailing nation.
  13. UK & Scotland - untitled - Scotland travels to London to take care of his brother during the 1941 London Blitz.
  14. USxUK - untitled - Some fluffy mess of America getting a cold and England having to look after him.
  15. USxUK/UKxUS - untitled - deadline July 6th - England is tired of America's constant refusal to bottom during sex.
  16. USxUK - untitled - fluff, England comforts America during a thunderstorm.
Sixteen. Right. Uhh. This isn't including My Fair Lady which is still a definite work in progress and the Homestuck fic that I've been writing for the homostuck meme that isn't even half finished. Why I picked to do Dave/Karkat I will never know, they must be the most awkward pair ever.

Yay list.

May. 22nd, 2011 04:52 pm
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To do list for the week.
  • Read and rank fourteen short stories for internship
  • Write fics for usxuk fanworkathon
  • Write fic for [ profile] chiisana00 's birthday
  • Write three RP responses
  • Play some ecksbawksssss D<
  • Visit godmother

Ho hum.

Apr. 16th, 2011 04:37 pm
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On the to-do list for the day...

  • Write fics for [ profile] usxuk ficathon.
  • Work on fic for [ profile] chiisana00 's birthday.
  • Reply to RPs.
  • Dick around on tumblr/facebook/deviantart
Yeah that's probably going to be my day.

Very productive.
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1. Prompt #8
2. Prompt #9
3. Prompt #10
4. Do university work
5. Chapter 14
6. Read book
7. Colour 'Ariel'
8. Prompt #11
9. Prompt #12

So I slept 'normally' last night, that being from about 5am until 3pm, and I no longer feel very strange. Aaah I have too many prompts to catch up on xD I can only apologise to those waiting for my unexpected bout of hypersomnia.

I'm currently in a very odd situation. I'm sat in the living room, with my parents, my sister and her boyfriend, all together (gasp).

Though I have a bit of a stomach ache, probably from eating the salad that I had for my dinner. Damn my delicate digestive system! Bah. Hopefully this cup of sweet tea I have will settle it.

Don't you love how 'university work' is still on the list? =P


Dec. 11th, 2009 09:47 am
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Here's the list, again, with one thing removed. Sigh.

1. Prompt #7
2. Prompt #8
3. Prompt #9
4. Prompt #10
5. Make another bacon sandwich (and eat it)
6. Shower
7. Wrap Christmas present
8. Do university work
9. Chapter 14
10. Tidy bedroom
11. Read book
12. Colour 'Ariel'
13. Prompt #11


Dec. 10th, 2009 11:50 am
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I have stuff to do today. Here is my lovely little 'to do' list, not in any particular order.

1. Prompt #7
2. Prompt #8
3. Prompt #9
4. Prompt #10
5. Make a bacon sandwich (and eat it)
6. Shower
7. Wrap Christmas present
8. Do university work
9. Chapter 14
10. Tidy bedroom
11. Read book
12. Colour 'Ariel'
13. Colour 'Mistletoe'

And here's a cute drawing in case you didn't see it on [ profile] usxuk :

There's also something I'd like to ask you all. Has anybody else been having issues with notifications for comments? I'm seeing comments, but LJ isn't telling me I have them until hours later, and I'm not getting an email notification until long after that. Is it just me? =/


Nov. 8th, 2009 07:34 am
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Why am I up at 7:30 in the morning, I hear you ask? 'Have you slept, Fiona!?' No, I have not. This is because somehow, over the course of a week I've managed to throw my sleeping patterns completely out of whack. It couldn't have come at a worse time. Why? Because I have an essay due on Tuesday, and I haven't even started the research. Personally I think that they've over-shot, once again, by setting us a 2500 word essay. Utopias and Dystopias did the same thing last year, and it nearly killed me scraping that one together. Ugh. They seem to be springing a lot of 'new' modules on us without really knowing what they're doing and I really wish they wouldn't. It's risking my end grade and I'm going to have to try harder in all my other modules just to pick up the slack. I mean, that won't be too hard but I shouldn't have to do it.


Well, on another note, I pouted at my sister until she gave in and gave me Fallout 3, which she got me for my birthday. I have been playing it almost non-stop since, having completed The Pitt, Operation: Anchorage and several side-quests over the past few days. I also nearly completed Mothership Zeta before I ran out of stimpaks and kept dying and my game kept locking up... so I quit and decided to level up some. I reckon I'll try to get to level 26 or so before I try it again. Maybe I'll download Point Lookout and do that... then I have all of the DLCs too... =3

Hm. I still have this nasty cough. I've now had it for two weeks and I'm on antibiotics after the doctor told me I have a mild chest infection. It seems to be clearing up so I'm pleased about that (even though I'm not taking the antibiotics properly because I'm never awake at the right times). My sleep pattern, or lack thereof, currently means that I'm slacking on just about everything. I'm probably losing weight, too. I'll put it back on, but there's something alarming about seeing the scales duck under nine stone (that's 126lbs). I'm also slacking on my Hetalia fanfic, which I really want to get finished (probably five, six, maybe seven chapters left in it, that I can get done in a week if I try), and I need to finish chapter six of my Fable II fic. I'm half done, it shouldn't take me a month to write a 2800 word chapter. Seriously.

I planned to look for a job this week, you know. I guess I've been so preoccupied with being ill and doing not very much at all that my time's just gone out of the window (and don't you hate it when time does that?)... and now I'm probably going to sleep until 5pm unless someone wakes me, which no one ever does... I'm going to set my alarm for four hours and see if I can stay awake. I probably won't. Geh. I'm hungry, too. If this were a weekday the parentals would be gone in about 45 minutes and I'd be able to get some food.

It's now 8am, by the way.

My to-do list for today is;
  • Shower
  • Change bedsheets
  • Vacuum
  • Plan & start essay
  • Write chapter thirteen of Hetalia fic
  • Finish chapter six of Fable fic

Getting all of those things done would be nice. Honestly? I don't see it happening. I'll probably get up, nom something, then go on Fallout. God knows I will try to drag myself away from it to do at least the first four things on that list. Especially the first one. That's important.

I need to start this essay tomorrow. Need to. I don't want to be doing it all on Monday night.

Now 8:08. Signing off.

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I have come to this realisation while debating with Jasper whether we should stay in London for two nights or three. Three nights will push up the spending to a bit over £50 for lodging and transport, which may not seem like a lot, but... it is. I need to keep £21 aside for the neko ears I want to get. Hm.

As well as this, I have to pay my half of the money for the hotel and such for when I go to see Miyavi with my friend Kelly. I can't remember exactly how much this was, but that's going to put a dent in as well. Hm.

I will also need to start a new phone contract at the beginning of October. While I will hopefully (and I'm going to push for this...) get one cheaper than what I have now, that's still going to be more money gone. Hm.

I currently have around £200 in the bank. By the beginning of October, so long as I don't do something silly and splurge on something random, I will have £400. I guess I'll have to watch my spending until then. Wish me luck!

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Honestly, you'd think after twenty years my mother would know when I'm joking but nope, she doesn't. Oh well, I managed to avert crisis by giving her Baileys, so I think I'll be alright haha.

I had my friend Labby 'round last night, thus why I didn't post anything, and it was fun. Lab's one of the few people I can just lie down and watch film after film with without complaints of being bored (Jasper ¬_¬) or worrying about him feeling me up (Matt -.-)... and he was very patient with my question-asking xD We ate.. uh.. two massive bags of Doritos, which for some reason I kept calling Pringles (much to his amusement) and... five white choc-chip cookies, and some chocolate... =3 My tummy was complaining.

I also found out that he is extremely ticklish... just in a very weird way. I had loads of fun after I figured that one out.

What else..? Haven't had a proper night's sleep in over a week... but I've been somewhat relieved by hearing that no-one failed Renaissance poetry, which means I passed... I hope. It may just have been wishful thinking on Sandro's part. I better have passed 'cause I won't be pleased if I have to do that damn thing all over again.
Another thing I'm concerned about is my last CVT assignment. I don't think I did as well as I did in the first one, but then, I thought the first one was rubbish and I got 82, the highest mark I've got since I started. Next year I want to get a 90+ in something. That would be neat.

I ordered a new game - The Darkness. I'm hoping it'll be easy enough for me to actually be able to play it without help. I don't fancy my odds, but I have this desire to get better at FPS games and this one seems like a good jump-off point. Interesting storyline so I won't get bored ^^;

Well, that's all for now...


I lied, there is more.

I have a bunch of stuff I want to do this holiday. Seriously. I have three and a half months off and bugger all to do in them. So, here is a list of the stuff I plan to be doing...


  • Anne Rice: "Memnoch the Devil"
  • Anne Rice: "Pandora"
  • Anne Rice: "The Vampire Armand"
  • Anne Rice: "Vittoro"
  • Anne Rice: "Merrick"
  • Anne Rice: "Blood and Gold"
  • Anne Rice: "Blood Canticle"
  • Anne Rice: "Blackwood Farm"
  • Anne Rice: "Taltos"
  • Anne Rice: "Lasher"
  • Anne Rice: "The Feast of All Saints"
  • Anne Rice: "The Witching Hour"
  • J.V. Jones: "The Baker's Boy"
  • J.V. Jones: "A Man Betrayed"
  • J.V. Jones: "Master and Fool"
  • Robin Hobb: "Assassin's Apprentice"
  • Robin Hobb: "Royal Assassin"
  • Robin Hobb: "Assassin's Quest"
  • Robin Hobb: "Fool's Fate"
  • Robin Hobb: "Fool's Errand"
  • Robin Hobb: "The Golden Fool"
  • Garth Nix: "Superior Saturday"
  • David Eddings: "The Crystal Gorge"
  • David Eddings: "The Younger Gods"
  • David Eddings: "The Redemption of Athalus"
  • Terry Brooks: "The Sword of Shannara"
  • Terry Brooks: "The Elfstones of Shannara"
  • Terry Brooks: "The Wishsong of Shannara"
  • Jonathan Stroud: "Ptolemy's Gate"
  • Christopher Paolini: "Eldest"
  • Dante Alighieri: "Purgatorio"
  • Dante Alighieri: "Paradisio"
  • Arthur Conan Doyle: "The Complete Sherlock Holmes"
  • Gregory Maguire: "Wicked"
  • Gregory Maguire: "Son of a Witch"

  • Keiko Tobe: "Raising an Autistic Child" vols 2 & 3
  • Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata: "Death Note" vols 1 - 6
  • Kaori Yuki: "Angel Sanctuary" vols 1 & 2
  • Yukiru Sugisaki: "DNAngel" vols 1 - 11

  • Finish novel
  • Finish current fanfic
  • Make a start on creative writing work for next year

And as well as all of that, I also need to start getting out more, get better on the Xbox ( I want those Worms achievements, damnit ), and start doing some bloody exercise...


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