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For lack of an Iceland display picture, I'm going to use Norway. It's close enough.

We went to my dad's on Thursday, to see a pantomime. I'm pretty sure that America doesn't have pantomimes, and I have to tell you that you are really missing out. It was absolutely hilarious. But I'm not here to write about the panto.

A final chapter to the laptop saga comes in here. On Thursday night I got a text off mum saying that someone had called about a Samsung product. It turned out to be Laskys. Dad called them for me in Heathrow on Friday morning, and I spoke to someone who finally got in touch with the system support team and worked out exactly what had gone wrong. I should have my refund by this Friday. Thank god for that.

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Jul. 24th, 2011 03:31 pm
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Today, after an hour and a half of sleep after watching the news reports about the Norwegian bombing and shooting repeat every half an hour until I had to switch it off, I got up and went with my parents to Southport for the 2011 Air Show. We drove to Daisy Hill train station and took the train across to Southport, I had to fight for the entire way not to kill everybody in the carriage, since I was tired and crabby and the train was very crowded. Once we got there and out I was fine, and mother is far more understanding of my moods than she used to be and knew that had been rather difficult for me to handle.

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When we got to Venice, and it was a very odd feeling. It never really sunk in over the entire weekend that that was where we were, and once we got home it didn't feel like we'd been. I didn't feel as if I was abroad though I quite obviously was. This was our hotel, and our room. It had a staircase!

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Today, I went out and took some more photos. 8D
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Because I like photography, y'know?

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Apr. 12th, 2010 02:40 am
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Still alive.

Here, have a photo I took. It's a Camellia.

I can't take pink flowers seriously anymore.
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I went out today, to the nature reserve near where I live, and almost lost my phone D= I left it in a bird hide when I took it out to check something on the internet and left it there because it was dark. Lucky for me, teenagers don't tend to frequent bird hides and when I realised and ran back there was an old couple sat where we'd been and the lady had picked my phone up with the intention of taking it in to the lost and found. Thank God for human decency.

I also took a lot of pretty pictures. Here's the best ones =3

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The clouds have cleared today, so I took the dog for another walk. For the record, the big fluffy white dog (a Samoyed, I think ) is not mine, but I thought he was gorgeous. His name is Simba.

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You asked, so now you're getting. Not that I wouldn't have put these up anyway. It goes without saying that this post is picture heavy. Enjoy!

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