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So it's been a little while since I posted a personal update, and I'm going to do one now. I'm starting this at 10:30 in the morning and I have no idea how long it's going to take me, because these entries always seem to take me forever.

I just checked, and it's been exactly two weeks since my last personal entry, so I can take it from there. I was stuck with the crippling pain for the rest of that day and the day after, (oh look, it's half past twelve. I got distracted) and as usual it affected my eating and sleeping habits, though far worse than it normally does. I've decided that if it's as bad next time I'm going to take it to the doctors because I can't keep being totally out of action for two or three days out of every month. I'll probably end up being put on some contraceptive pill or something, but I don't even care anymore.

As usual, I half killed myself getting all my assignments done on time. I don't know why I just don't keep to the resolution that I make every year (it's now 3:30, I got distracted again) and actually do my work in good time. I suppose I just manage better under pressure. Not that I'm terribly sure about the quality of this semester's assignments, but whatever, I got them in and that's all that matters. =_=

I've still been playing on Gaia, though not quite as much, probably because I've been doing all that work so maybe I'll get back into it now. I met a couple of nice people on there, and one very cool gal who shares so many of the same interests as me as well as being the same age and having just completed the same MA as I'm now doing. Small world, huh? 

Very little exciting has happened, though I'm beginning to get rather concerned about the state of my sister's mental health. I think she's hiding a lot more from us about how she's feeling, but at least she's getting a bit of help for it now. I'm worried, but at the same time I want to shake her and snap her out of it. Six weeks is far too long to still be crying over a boy. I don't know, maybe I seem a little cold, but she's making herself unwell and I looked at her today and realised how much weight she's lost.

Speaking of that, I've lost some weight myself. I'm currently standing at 5'7" and weighing in at 120lbs. Starting to become a slight problem now I think (it's now 4.30, I got distracted watching funny vids with sister). It's a lot harder to put weight on than it is to lose it, especially with my sleeping and eating habits... which I don't intend to change. I'm quite happy with how I am at the moment. Though speaking of my sleeping habits I haven't had a proper night of sleep in about a week. Part of that is my fault, though for the past two days I'm not sure what's wrong with me, I just can't seem to be able to sleep more than four hours at a time. It's not impacting upon me terribly since I don't have anything to do but it's still a pain.

In more interesting news, on Thursday night I went to see Rush. Who were absolutely fantastic. It was really good to see that they obviously still have so much fun with what they do, because really, at their age (57/58) they don't need to still be doing tours and they especially don't need to still be doing Europe tours, but they do. I never thought I'd get to see them but my dad, who is awesome, got us tickets about two weeks after we were discussing how we'd probably never get to see them.

It was a little bit strange, though. Rush have been going since 1968 and as a result most of the people there were 50+ year old men, so I felt a teeny bit out of place. I wasn't complaining, though, because it meant that there was no crazy shoving and pushing and people actually SAT DOWN, which was great because there's no way you'd get me standing up for three hours. My hands were so sore by the end from clapping and I had a really loud ringing in my ears when I finally got home and went to bed.

Dad wanted to know why so many of my friends knew who Rush were when none of his do. I just think I have awesome friends =3=

Yesterday, since dad was up here anyway, we went out with him (something we normally do on a Saturday) and we went to see the new Pirates film, which was.. alright, I guess. It wasn't amazing, but if you liked the others I'd say give it a watch, even if the mermaid subplot is really shoehorned in there (if you've seen it you'll know what I mean). After that I had a bit of stress when I realised I'd left my bag hanging over the arm of the seat in the cinema. Lucky I realised at all, I don't remember now exactly what prompted me to remember it, but I did, and thankfully it hadn't been busy at all so it was still hanging exactly where I'd left it with nothing missing. Phew.

I have some stuff that I want to get on with now that I have all that work out of the way. I need to update my newest fic and get my two fanworkathon fics done for the [ profile] usxuk  comm, I have three RPs to reply to (PrUK, UKJap, AmeLiet) and ooooh what else do I need to do... I need to read through 14 sci-fi short stories and pick my favourites before the end of the month for my internship, and I also want to get back into gaming. I want to finish Okami again and try to make some more progress on Kingdom Hearts, and I have a load of games to replay after my Xbox decided it didn't want to transfer my old saves. Ho hum.

Well look at that. It's now half past five and it only took me seven hours to finally get this entry finished. That must be a new record.
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Okay, it's been a while, and hell knows if I'll actually get this finished tonight, but here goes nothing.

On Friday we found ourselves in Leigh at two in the morning, waiting for the connecting minibus to take us to Knutsford so we could get on the coach. It took us eight hours to get to Dover because of bad weather and having to go off the motorway, and diversions we had to make to pick people up. The drive to Dover is, if you go straight, about five hours. I wasn't impressed, and I spent a lot of it somewhat bored since my phone battery doesn't handle ebuddy to well and it only lasted about four hours. I think I slept, a bit, and after a bit of a blip at Dover thanks to us being late for our ferry we were on our way to Calais. The sea had this strange mist over it, and I ventured up onto the outside deck (even though it was freezing and took a few photos, which if you haven't seen them will be in the album linked to at the bottom of this entry.

From Calais (France) we drove an hour and a half to Ostend, in Belgium. I can't say I was overwhelmed with the place though there was a very pretty ship in the harbour, which was all lit up as we left.

After we meandered around the town for a few hours we went to our hotel, and I was dealing with a steadily mounting urge to kill the people sat behind me on the coach. I'm sure you know the sort - the people who never shut up and complain about everything, while most of the things they complain about could be solved by them if they'd just stop complaining and deal with it.

Needless to say they were the bane of my existence for the entire weekend but I did my best to ignore them.

I crashed as soon as we got to the hotel. In my clothes. And slept for about twelve hours. On Saturday the day began bright and early and we set out for Valkenburg, Netherlands at 9am. People behind us were still complaining. I wanted to kill them all. They would not shut up about how the tour guide person on the bus wasn't telling them anything, but if they'd just shut up for five minutes they might have been able to hear him.

Anyway, we paid a little extra to be taken to some other markets in a placed called Maastricht. 'T was very pretty, and we had some mulled wine, which was nice. Also my idea, I swear mum and John had never had it before or something. It was so rich though, I couldn't even manage to drink one glass. After a couple of hours there we went to Valkenburg, which has its Christmas markets inside caves. It was very pretty, the only downside being that once you left, you couldn't go back in. It was also really freakin' cold, but I didn't mind that so much. Oddly, I wasn't really cold for the entire trip. I did buy some very cute gloves in Valkenburg - sort of suedeish and a light tan colour, with no fingers and fur around the edges. I also bought a candle shaped like a teapot and one of those glass things with bubbles inside that make a picture. People kept talking to me in Dutch! That's the problem about holidaying in northern Europe - if you're white-British, you don't look foreign enough XP

That night we had a meal in the hotel, which didn't go as well as we would have liked since the kitchen actually forgot about us and we were waiting two hours for our food. I wasn't that bothered, really - I'd had wine, I was just giggling - but mum was livid. It was a good thing the food was so good once we finally got it. I had steak.

Sunday saw us going home, but first we had a final stop to make, and one I'd been looking forward to. Bruges. The Venice of the North. It really was gorgeous, and I want to go again. I love places like that - where everything looks different and you just know you're in another country. Over the markets the bells in the Belfort en Hallen were ringing constantly and the snow had cleared but it still had a very Christmassy feel to it. It took us 20 minutes to walk to the markets from where the coach dropped us off, and when we found the edge of the main town centre there were lines of horse and carriages, with very enthusiastic drivers who would shout ahead in Dutch, French and English that we had to get out of the way because they weren't going to stop! 

Bruges is full of chocolate shops. Some of them have very strange things in them. The last thing I expected to see in what looked like a high-end chocolate shop was a row of chocolate penises. I admit I tittered a bit, though it made me wonder how that sort of thing would go over in England. Probably not very well.

We walked around Bruges for a few hours. I bought a snowglobe with the Belfort en Hallen in it, and a little dragon statuette, because I collect them. I also found a very nice mug with blue windmills painted on it and 'I love Holland' on the handle. The irony of buying it in Belgium did not escape me. I also had the most amazing waffle I have ever tasted - hot, with cream and strawberries on it. I was completely determined to eat the entire thing, even when it started falling apart.

It was so good ;~; I would very much like to go back to Bruges. I love places where I can walk around all day taking photos.

We crossed the channel at night this time, and then it took us a further eight hours to get home, by which time, my god, I was just glad to be home. I'd forgotten just how much stuff I'd bought.

After we got back, on the Tuesday, I was very ill. I did in fact lose ten pounds in ten days, which is the most weight I've lost in the past five or six years. Mother blames my eating habits, which would be fine if I hadn't had the same eating habits for the past three years (which she denies). If I ate like a normal person, I'd start putting on loads of weight, because I never do anything to burn it off.

*turns randomness switch on*



My dog has a weird lump on him. It's about the size of a pea and looks like a cyst. He's going to the vet tomorrow and my god I hope it isn't the 'C' word because if it is I might just be completely useless for all my assignments, which are due in four weeks. God that does seem like a long time doesn't it but it really isn't.

Holiday pics here

/end waffle.
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When I first started university I had big plans about what I wanted to do, the things I wanted to achieve. I wanted to get a first class degree, and take a Masters, and maybe one day do a PhD. I wanted to go into teaching.

On Thursday night, I just resigned myself to handing an assignment in late because I put it off for too long, and was left with a choice. Rush it and get it in on time, but probably crap, or hand it in late and lose ten marks. Ten marks that could be the difference between my getting that first class degree or not. I've never handed something in late before. Strangely, I find that I don't care about this.

I'm twenty-one years old, but in my head I never moved past sixteen. I don't feel old enough or prepared enough for this kind of thing, for the idea of needing 'experience' to get a PGCE and for the idea of actually behaving like an adult. I have no doubt that I'm smart enough, and I could do it, if I put my mind to it, but not doing it is a much more comfortable place.

I just don't know what to do. I can't quit now, it would be a waste of three years of my life and a £10,000 debt. Everything I've done in the past five years has geared me towards becoming a teacher. It is what I want to do, I just no longer see myself as able to do it...

On another note, for those who care, I'm working on chapter fourteen and should hopefully have it done tonight. =)


Jan. 9th, 2010 05:41 pm
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I swear, everyone in this house is in a bad mood today apart from me, especially my mother. I'm just waiting for the heating to come on properly so I can disappear upstairs and be out of the way of everyone.


I've been meaning to for a few days now, but I think tonight I'm going to finish off chapter 14 and then see if I can get some work done on my last assignment from last year. It's due next Thursday, and it's going to take some work but I know I can do it in four days, no problem. I just need a working idea for 'innovation and experiment'... I was thinking perhaps... stories from the point of view of someone who had never been recorded in history, but who had been present at, and had possibly influenced some of the major events in history? Maybe. It sounds like a fun idea and it would definitely be an interesting character.


So, I went to Bolton today with the family. Slush and snow all over the place, and I didn't get to spend my voucher for Waterstones because they didn't have anything that I wanted so I'll have to check out the website and see if there's anything on there...

You know, I've reached a point in my life now where I'm not sure where exactly I'm heading. So many people my age have all these plans and things like that, and I have ideas of what I want to do but then when I think about it, I'm not all that sure. I've wanted to be a teacher for years, and all my choices in my education have been geared towards that goal, but now I'm not certain. I don't know if I can hack it. It's worrying, because I'm fast approaching the time where I'll stop getting any money from my father but I'm going to still be in education, and you can't get grants for a Masters degree. There's always the option to pay in installments but that means getting a job, and job opportunities where I live are very limited for somebody who can't work full time.


I'm going to go and change my bedsheets later. I got a 15 tog duvet (for those of you who aren't British, 'tog' is the thickness of the duvet... and a duvet is a quilt) because the heating can't keep staying on all the time. It's going to be cold ._.


Dec. 17th, 2009 11:38 am
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I know, I fail so hard. I'm now... uh... seven prompts behind. I fail T^T I'll do them, though! I was up all night last night. Hahahahaha. That'll teach me to leave my university work to the last minute. Well, it won't, but you get the picture. I'm a terrible procrastinator... but I think this has to be a new record. Shockingly, I'm not tired. Not so tired as I could get to sleep in any case. More a sort of hyper tired, if you get my meaning. If this keeps up I might be able to rattle off all seven prompts and take a good crack at chapter fourteen (I'm sure that a certain someone would be very pleased to hear that. You know who you are).

Well, in ten minutes I shall be heading off out into the cold, into Salford, to hand in two assignments. After that, the next thing due is in January, and I have an exam then, but I'm not going to worry about that until after Christmas.

Oh lawd.

Nov. 30th, 2009 04:25 am
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Dragon Age: Origins is consuming my life. Everything else has been neglected, including university work, which isn't good. I've also been getting far too addicted to roleplaying with [ profile] amael_elen , because she does such a good Alfred Jones. I have to get up in five hours and I'm still lying here talking to her. Hah.

So yes, Dragon Age. I must have put about 60+ hours into that game already and I've only had it a week. I tell you, if I put as much effort into my uni work...

Speaking of uni work. I'm not looking forward to getting my Green Writing mark back.. I hated the essay, and I don't think I've got a very good mark if I've passed at all. Well, it only says something about the professors if the students are failing the class, right? I wasn't the only one to think that a 2500 word essay word 50% of the mark after only five lessons is too much to ask. I said as much to one of the teachers - David. Hell if I'm mentioning it to Sharon, though. That woman scares me.

I ought to be returning to writing soon. I've completed Dragon Age twice now so my obsessive playing of it should start wearing off. I'm sure all those who read my Hetalia fanfics will be pleased to hear that.

I haven't only been immersing myself in games, however! I did a fanart for the writer/artist of Return to Eden.

You can see a larger version of this here if you desire.

What else, what else.. I think that's it. I have so much damn writing to do. I have that Hetalia fic to finish and so many ideas for others and I still have to do the Christmas one for the Secret Santa thing~! Aaaaaaaah. And then I have to do the work for my Portfolio piece for Tuesday and I HAVE to turn something in this week 'cause the prof's putting a special double session on and... guh.

Must keep off Dragon Age tomorrow. Or at least write on the Goddamn bus.

So, hai.

Nov. 21st, 2009 01:13 am
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So I've not been around much on LJ recently, and there are several reasons for this.

The first of these is that I had university work to do, which I just about got done no thanks to being ill for two damn weeks. I don't hold high hopes for a good mark, though I at least hope to pass it so I can put it out of the way. It's hard to enjoy a module when you don't like the professor.

The second reason is the new games that I've got. These are Fallout 3, Borderlands, Ninety-Nine Nights, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition and The Last Remnant.

Fallout 3 I had already played, but the copy that I had wasn't mine, and my sister bought it for me. I. Love. Fallout. It's the first game like that that I've played where I've actually managed to stick with it. I also have and have completed all five of the DLCs for the game, with varying success (I got bored with Mothership Zeta and changed the difficulty to 'very easy' just so I could get the hell off that stupid ship).

Okay, so, to the games.

Borderlands is a first person roleplaying shooter (ie, an FPS with RPG elements) and is actually quite fun. It reminds me a lot of Fallout 3, though the difficulty curve seems to be a little sharper. I had some trouble navigating around at first, and it took me about half an hour to figure out how to access my inventory, but that may have just been me being dense. Probably just me being dense. The visuals are... different, to say the least. It's very much like walking through a graphic novel, if you can imagine that. I discovered very early on that I hate Skags. Skags are very annoying. They have this tendency to sneak up on me and nom on my ankles, and I'm stood there turning 'round, because I struggle with FPS games as it is, not able to find these little fuckers. I'm playing as the only female character (Lilith), who has this awesome 'palm strike' thing that I now have to the point that I can take out Skag Pups with one hit. Needs levelling up more... Haha. I might try playing as Mordecai soon, just to see how that goes. He looks pretty cool.

On to Ninety-Nine Nights, AKA N3. N3 is a fantasy based hack and slash game that is both very entertaining and very frustrating. I quickly learned that you need to be at least one level above the mission that you're trying to complete (ie level 6 for mission 5, and so on) but levelling up isn't as quick as I'd like, so re-doing of previous missions is needed quite often. I spent over an hour stuck on Inphyy's mission 5 before I finally managed to complete it. Oh yes, about 'Inphyy'. At the beginning you can only have one character, out of about six or seven that eventually become available. Inphyy is the first one that you can play as. I find her a little irritating, but I have the feeling that I'm supposed to. I'm far in favour of her brother Aspharr, who, while his attacks are slower, seems to build up his Orb Attack (a powerful unleashing of Light Energy) far quicker and uses a staff, so has a much longer reach. Though I'm getting needlessly esoteric for those who haven't played it.
It's rather satisfying, when you get into it, to cut through hoardes of enemies (sometimes numbering in the thousands) per mission. It's a nice stress-reliever, until the constant failing of missions starts to become annoying.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is a third person shooter that takes place on an alien planet in the grip of an ice age. Lots and lots of snow. The planet is populated by a hostile alien species called the Akrid, hostile human Snow Pirates, and you - Wayne. Aside from the friendly voices of your allies that occasionally contact you during missions, and the cut-scenes that show communication between you and said allies, you're on your own in the snowy tundra. At least, that's how it is so far - I've only completed one mission. I suppose I can't say that much about this game just yet.

Lastly, The Last Remnant is a turn-based roleplaying game. Once again I haven't played too much of this yet and so far the storyline seems to be mostly Rush (the protagonist) being dense and annoyingly single minded about rescuing his younger sister, much to the exasperation of everyone around him who is trying to help. One thing that I've found pleasing is that the characters who have English accents (albeit very stereotyped ones) are the good guys. I'm not sure what it is about an English accent that makes a character immediately sinister but it's nice to see the change.
The combat system is fairly simple, though it's not for the kind of person who likes to charge in and cut down everything in their path. Think Final Fantasy.

So yes, that's what I've been up to. I haven't been writing at all, even for university, mostly because when I finally get to it I'm too tired to concentrate properly. I have written a little of chapter thirteen of my current Hetalia fic, so here's a teaser.

“I woke up this morning, yeah? And what you said to me last night totally came back to me, and I thought, you’re right, you know?” The Pole pushed a hand through his hair and worked out a couple of snags. “I’ve spent like, years stuck in this rut of thinking I’m alone, but you were right. I’m totally not, ‘cause I have all you guys!” He grinned, and settled back, draping one arm over the back of the chair. “And it’s like, well, I finally thought properly about Toris, and he totally wouldn’t want this. He warned me so I’d stay alive, and he wouldn’t want me living as a dead man, right?”

There we go. Hopefully I'll have a finished chapter soon. Not sure if I'd count on that, though... I've had Dragon Age: Origins bought for me, and if it's as epic as makes it sound, then it's going to be very distracting.


Nov. 8th, 2009 07:34 am
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Why am I up at 7:30 in the morning, I hear you ask? 'Have you slept, Fiona!?' No, I have not. This is because somehow, over the course of a week I've managed to throw my sleeping patterns completely out of whack. It couldn't have come at a worse time. Why? Because I have an essay due on Tuesday, and I haven't even started the research. Personally I think that they've over-shot, once again, by setting us a 2500 word essay. Utopias and Dystopias did the same thing last year, and it nearly killed me scraping that one together. Ugh. They seem to be springing a lot of 'new' modules on us without really knowing what they're doing and I really wish they wouldn't. It's risking my end grade and I'm going to have to try harder in all my other modules just to pick up the slack. I mean, that won't be too hard but I shouldn't have to do it.


Well, on another note, I pouted at my sister until she gave in and gave me Fallout 3, which she got me for my birthday. I have been playing it almost non-stop since, having completed The Pitt, Operation: Anchorage and several side-quests over the past few days. I also nearly completed Mothership Zeta before I ran out of stimpaks and kept dying and my game kept locking up... so I quit and decided to level up some. I reckon I'll try to get to level 26 or so before I try it again. Maybe I'll download Point Lookout and do that... then I have all of the DLCs too... =3

Hm. I still have this nasty cough. I've now had it for two weeks and I'm on antibiotics after the doctor told me I have a mild chest infection. It seems to be clearing up so I'm pleased about that (even though I'm not taking the antibiotics properly because I'm never awake at the right times). My sleep pattern, or lack thereof, currently means that I'm slacking on just about everything. I'm probably losing weight, too. I'll put it back on, but there's something alarming about seeing the scales duck under nine stone (that's 126lbs). I'm also slacking on my Hetalia fanfic, which I really want to get finished (probably five, six, maybe seven chapters left in it, that I can get done in a week if I try), and I need to finish chapter six of my Fable II fic. I'm half done, it shouldn't take me a month to write a 2800 word chapter. Seriously.

I planned to look for a job this week, you know. I guess I've been so preoccupied with being ill and doing not very much at all that my time's just gone out of the window (and don't you hate it when time does that?)... and now I'm probably going to sleep until 5pm unless someone wakes me, which no one ever does... I'm going to set my alarm for four hours and see if I can stay awake. I probably won't. Geh. I'm hungry, too. If this were a weekday the parentals would be gone in about 45 minutes and I'd be able to get some food.

It's now 8am, by the way.

My to-do list for today is;
  • Shower
  • Change bedsheets
  • Vacuum
  • Plan & start essay
  • Write chapter thirteen of Hetalia fic
  • Finish chapter six of Fable fic

Getting all of those things done would be nice. Honestly? I don't see it happening. I'll probably get up, nom something, then go on Fallout. God knows I will try to drag myself away from it to do at least the first four things on that list. Especially the first one. That's important.

I need to start this essay tomorrow. Need to. I don't want to be doing it all on Monday night.

Now 8:08. Signing off.


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