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I've been slacking off a bit with entries lately but here I am again.

Last Thursday, I spent some very fun times with [ profile] nasty_show. I was waiting until she got her entry up so I could snag her photos and if I could I would be lazy and link to it but it is unfortunately friends locked so here we go :V

We met up at about quarter to one because I was derpy and late, and I must have had one of the slowest and rudest bus drivers working for First. Pleh. Anyway I got there eventually and was very happy to see the squishy derp that is Holly because I love her face.

LOOK AT ALL OF THIS RIGHT HERE. Long entry is long. )


Feb. 16th, 2012 03:30 pm
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So, we have mice. So far, we've caught (and when I say caught I mean killed, this isn't my choice) two of the little buggers, and we know there's at least one more. This last one, if it is the last one, is a sneaky little bastard. It's eaten the bait off the trap three times so far, without setting the trap off at all. But we'll get it. Eventually. I'm not about to let this turn into Mouse Hunt.

In a little over two hours, I have a job interview. I've never had one before. Then I need to get an early night because I have a goddamn JSA meeting at 9.40 in the morning. My mind is already rebelling against the idea of 9 - 5 and I don't even work yet. I am just going to fail at life, forever. Well, I'm in no hurry to move out and I think so long as I pay my way mother will be in no hurry to kick me out, and god knows with how the bills are going by the time I want to move out I won't be able to because if I do my parents won't be able to afford the house.

I think I'll just keep subtly nudging [ profile] nasty_show into getting a flat with me =P

I've started to play Echo Bazaar again, and now I can't get the idea of what an EB!Arthur would be like out of my head. I've had a few phrases and mental images floating around in my head for a while now so I'm going to see how well I can put them down.


Arthur hadn't been the same since London fell. At first it had been hard to see, but then the deterioration had occurred so quickly that even if there had been something they could have done to stop it, there would have been no time. He had been quiet, he said he was fine. Then he began to forget people's names. He began to dress strangely and talk in short, aggravated tones to voices that no one else could hear. Voices that he always addressed as 'Master'. He would talk about things that no one else understood, and then appear distressed at the blank, uncomprehending looks that he would receive in response to his ramblings. Within days, it seemed, dark circles appeared under his eyes and when he smiled it was always slowly, as if the muscles had forgotten the correct arrangement for a smile and were pulling into something closer to a smirk. He would laugh in the middle of meetings at nothing then act as if he hadn't, growing irritated if he was accused.

It was greeted with a mixture of concern and relief when he finally ceased attending meetings altogether.
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Wicked Hetalia

Cast List:

Arthur Kirkland as Elphaba Thropp
Alfred Jones as Fiyero Tiggular
Francis Bonnefoy as Galinda Arduenna Upland
Natalia Arlovskaya as Nessarose Thropp
Matthew Williams as Boq
Rome as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Britannia as Melena Thropp
Germania as Frexspar Thropp
Madame Morrible as Herself
Doctor Dillamond as Himself

Therefore, pairings present will be:

Fr - UK friendship
Fr -> US
Can -> Fr
Bel -> Can


There will be seventeen chapters, named for each song on the soundtrack save for the reprise of Not That Girl, and I'll be drawing setting and dialogue from the songs as well as what I can remember from in between.

Nessarose was a hard one to cast, but I figure I can ease off on the crazy since Ivan isn't going to be around for Natalia to obsess over.
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To-do list:

Important!: Secret Santa fic for [ profile] usxuk community.

FrScot fic, non-AU, present.
USUK fic, Secret Garden AU.
US-centric fic, Fallout AU.
UK-centric fic, non-AU, history.
Russtralia fic, non-AU, history.
PrUK fic, Greek myth AU (Pygmalion).
23 prompts, various.

Dark Brotherhood fic, Oblivion.

Also need to find a goddamn job. For some reason my writing feels more important.
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So I've had a favourable response to this idea, and I've drafted in [ profile] medev to help me work out the details, which means that (gasp) this might actually be an idea that I get written!

To the people still waiting on prompts, don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you. I'll get them done if it takes me all of 2012.

I have the roles for the AU worked out now.

Mary Lennox = Arthur
Dickon Sowerby = Alfred
Colin Craven = Peter
Lord Archibald Craven = Berwald
Lady Craven (deceased) = Tino
Martha Sowerby = Matthew
Ben Weatherstaff = Francis
Mrs. Medlock = Roderich

I'm not sure if Mrs. Medlock is in the book, it's been a while since I read it, but I'll be basing the fic more on the film anyways.

Edit: I'll be making the roles of Mary and Dickon a little older so that I can have a little romance between Alfred and Arthur, but not old enough that I'm tempted to deviate into smut. I'll probably have Arthur at thirteen and Alfred at fifteen. Colin/Peter will stay at ten years old.

Instead of a robin, a fairy is going to lead Mary/Arthur to the garden :)
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I've agreed to do a reverse bungee. It will be taking place on November 13th. My boyfriend [ profile] lemmi162 will be there to watch, as will my dad [ profile] pushkingram if he can stay over on the Saturday night since he'll be here anyway.

Why did I agree to this?


In other news, MY BOYFRIEND IS COMING OVER. I don't talk about him much, and I ought to. His name is Darren, and he's from Reno, Nevada, and we're finally going to meet when he comes over to England for a week and a half next month. >O<;;

Mum seems to be in a much better mood now that me and Amy have taken on cleaning the house. I'm not minding this at all since cleaning doesn't take much effort and it makes my life easier if she's not breathing down my neck because she thinks I'm being lazy.

I had to clean my goldfish's tank again today (after about three days) because there was a load of random white fluffy stuff clinging to everything. I'm not sure what it is but it seems to be a kind of fungus that's caused by decaying material in the tank - namely plants and food. Since the tank is cleaned regularly the plants aren't dying and any bits that are stuck in the gravel get removed, so I can only assume that it's because my stepdad is overfeeding the poor thing and it's leaving food on the bottom which then is causing the fungus. Lovely. I'm going to be keeping an eye on the tank to make sure it doesn't come back.

It's getting to winter now and it's growing cold. At the moment it's 10 degrees outside (that's 50F) which may not seem that cold to a lot of people but when you live in a temperate climate it's sliding to the lower end of uncomfortable. What's more uncomfortable, however, is not the fact that it's cold outside, but when it's cold outside it's also cold inside. My bedroom, and my sister's, are located in a dormer and when it was built it didn't really get amazing insulation, as well as having a flat roof. So, the rooms lose heat. Quickly. I'm not looking forward to this winter. Ironically, in summer it's the complete opposite and the rooms hold in the heat like a furnace.

Plotbunnies are coming in thick and fast these days. Right now I have 25 fics on my prompts left to do, and four chapterfics. One of them is new, an idea given to me by something my bestu [ profile] berwaldox said. It's been a while since I've had a France/Scotland idea, but while RPing with her, something that her Scotland said caught my eye - "He's come back to me like I always said he would" or something to that effect. I'm going to see what I can make of it but it's likely going to be a short chapterfic with some matchmaking. I do like France/Scotland.
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Aside from the 25 Hetalia fics I have to write (+ one Vampire Chronicles fic, sorry Anne I don't care if you don't like my writing fics about your work), my next three big projects are as follows.

The first is one which has been up in the air for a while, titled Jack. In 1888, a serial killer murdered five women in the Whitechapel district of London. The killer was never caught, and later conspiracy theories ranged from the plausible to the ridiculous, even implicating the royal family. [In my headcanon] Arthur Kirkland is unable to refuse an order from his monarchy, so when the eldest son of King Edward VII begins ordering him to murder young women who may be able to reveal things about his less-than-noble private activities, there's little he can do to refuse.

The second is an idea which has come to me recently, after playing a hell of a lot of Fallout: New Vegas. At first I thought it might be a little difficult to blend the two together, given the context (and if you're interested go and read these three links - Divergence, The Great War, Timeline, because they might be kind of important), but then I hit upon an idea and just ran with it. I'm going to try to explain as much as I can within the story itself because I know not everyone who likes Hetalia will have also played Fallout and I can't assume that people know as much as I do (a failing of mine to assume people can read things into my writing that I never put there in the first place). The main characters will be Alfred and Matthew (who has been a political prisoner since the US Annexation of Canada) half to make it easier for me to write and half to give Alfred someone to talk to... which kind of feeds into it being easier to write.

What I'm just stuck on for that is a title, and my boyfriend is being awesome in helping me even though he's not that keen on Hetalia, he still loves Fallout and he loves me :D

The third project I have in mind is a Prussia/England fic based on the Greek myth of Pygmalion, which should be interesting. I haven't got all the kinks worked out of that one yet though I did get some good ideas from [ profile] berwaldox which I'm going to have to go back and look at.

I have also jumped in on the [ profile] usxuk Secret Santa, so am looking forward to doing that :D

I'm pondering posting my fics on [ profile] hetaliafic since I joined it but never actually posted on it. I'll have to see if I can work up the nerve 8|
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I don't tend to miss people, unless there's no chance that I can get in touch with them. Sometimes I miss my dad. Right now, my mum and sister are away in Majorca and while I don't particularly miss my sister (sorry Amy =P) I have realised today that I do miss my mum. I didn't get to say a proper goodbye to her since I was stuck in the bathroom with a stomach ache and I'm currently wearing her dressing gown because it smells like her. As nice as it has been to have the option to just.. sleep when I want to.. because John doesn't bug me about when I'm asleep.. I still miss my mum.

I've started shipping Mexico/Canada. What is this.

Oh, and a meme. Stolen, naturally.

Alphabet Prompt Meme.

Basically just give me a prompt starting with any letter of the alphabet and I'll write you a drabble about it. You can pick a pairing if you like, but I will reserve my right to refuse it. Please no nyotalia.

Fandoms: Axis Powers: Hetalia, Pandora Hearts, Ghost in the Shell, Fushigi Yuugi, Homestuck, Assassin's Creed (1, 2 & Brotherhood), Fable (1 - 3), The Lord of the Rings, The Vampire Chronicles.

A - Art [Mexico/Canada] ([ profile] mamamia12347)
B - Bewitch [Spain/US/UK] ([ profile] anisaex)
C - College [US/UK] ([ profile] mamamia12347)
D - Dance [France/Canada] ([ profile] medev)
E - Extortion [Spain/UK] ([ profile] anisaex)
F - Fluff [Sweden/Norway] ([ profile] chiisana00)
G - Gardening [France/Spain] ([ profile] berwaldox)
H - "Hello" - Martin Solveig [France/Canada] ([ profile] mamamia12347)
I - 'I want to tell you something' [Sweden/Norway] ([ profile] chiisana00)
J -
K - Kiss [Sweden/Norway] ([ profile] chiisana00)
L - Lights [Denmark/Norway] ([ profile] mamamia12347)
M - Music [US/UK] ([ profile] mamamia12347)
N -
O -
P - Poison [Spain/UK] ([ profile] anisaex)
Q -
R - Ring [Denmark/Norway] ([ profile] anisaex)
S - Staring [Sweden/Norway] ([ profile] chiisana00)
T - Tears [US/UK] ([ profile] medev)
U - 'Us against the world' [US/UK] ([ profile] anisaex)
V - Voice [US/UK] ([ profile] medev)
W - Waterpark [Prussia/UK] ([ profile] berwaldox)
X -
Y -
Z - Zookeepers [US/UK] ([ profile] nasty_show)

Pick as many letters/words/prompts as you want. There are no limits (within reason, please). I know I have a bad history of not actually finishing these things but I am really going to try this time xD
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Okay, I was going to use these past two days to catch up on the [ profile] usxuk  prompts that I'd missed, but instead I spent them feeling constantly tired and when I finally did get in the mood to write I hit an enormous moodcrash that rendered me unable to do so. And now I'm too tired. So they're not going to get done, at least not in time anyway. I do like the ideas I have for both though so I will do them eventually, just not for the event, sadly. 

Though speaking of ideas, SoDesuKa on deviantART popped one into my head that has thus far refused to go away, though I'm sure that when I start to focus on it I'll lose it. She wrote a journal entry, which matched certain Hetalia characters to the Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Cardinal Virtues. I didn't agree with all of her choices but I certainly liked the idea, and these are the ones I would pick...

Lust = France
Gluttony = America
Greed = England
Sloth = Greece
Wrath = Russia
Envy = South Korea (?)
Pride = Prussia

Chastity = Japan (?)
Temperance = Lithuania
Charity = ?
Diligence = Germany
Patience = Norway
Kindness = Canada
Humility = ?

I really have no idea who I would place for Charity and Humility. Rather difficult qualities to find in any nation. =o= Suggestions? Though really, if I'm going to go on with this I need to have some kind of plot and right now I have no idea at all. I'm sure I could come up with something if I just upped and ran with it but aaah... I don't know. If I start it I don't want it to be something else that I never get around to finishing.



Jun. 26th, 2011 02:14 pm
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I've recently found myself warming up to FrUK. I don't think I'll ever love it in the same way I love USUK, but I'm definitely warming to it. Enough that I want to write a fic.

Thing is, I don't know what to write. I've never had any trouble with them as brothers but shipping them is somewhat new to me.

I can't see them in a romance. There's too much bad blood on both sides (the English still dislike the French for no other reason than the fact they're French). However I do quite like them as a rivalry-ship. I love the idea of them arguing so violently they end up fucking. I love the idea of Francis being the one Arthur turned/turns to for comfort when things are going horribly for him, and then they never speak of it afterwards. I like the idea of them both being very aware that this is how it is, that it's never going to be more than that, and they're both fine with it. No pressure.

But I need ideas.

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After a long and somewhat unannounced hiatus from writing fics I finally managed to kick my brain into gear again and have started one that I actually hope to finish. I'll give a cookie to the first person who can guess the subject matter.


Title: Jack

August 31st, 1888

What am I doing? What am I...

His hands felt clammy in his pockets. Sticky. Moving his fingers brought a near sickening sensation of half-dried, rapidly cooling liquid cracking on his skin. He wasn’t a murderer, this wasn’t him, this wasn’t part of him, he wasn’t like this but he’d done it, he’d done it just as he’d been told to.


I might take some photos of some of the awesome things in my room later. Just to show my stuff off. Because I feel like it :B
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Nations in an FPS/RPG.

*USofAwesome has entered the lobby*

[USofAwesome] Aaah this is gonna be so cooool...

*RuleBritannia has entered the lobby*

[USofAwesome] Pfffh, Arthur, is that you?
[RuleBritannia] Sodding hell, is this working now?
[USofAwesome] HAHAHA! What a dorky name.
[RuleBritannia] Piss off, wanker, if you don’t want me to pla-
[USofAwesome] Oh oh oh! Don’t get like that~ I’ll stop.
[RuleBritannia] You’d better.
[USofAwesome] Did you wake up on the wrong side of the teacup this morning or wha-

*BlowinYoWhiteHouseUp has entered the lobby*

[RuleBritannia] Hello Matt-
[BlowinYoWhiteHouseUp] What? Don’t you like it?
[RuleBritannia] I do.
[USofAwesome] No! Change it! Change it or you’re not playing.
[BlowinYoWhiteHouseUp] Aw, come on, Alfred! It costs money to change-

*BlowinYoWhiteHouseUp has left the lobby*

[USofAwesome] He’s such an ASS.
[RuleBritannia] You’re an arse.

... I have no idea where this is going but I think I'm gonna carry it on. Names so far...

Click here~ )

Any other ideas? XD
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Victorian Depression AU – Profiles

Arthur Kirkland )

Alfred F. Jones )

Francis Bonnefoy )

Rhys Lewis )

Toris Lorinaitis - WIP )

Antonio Fernandez Carriedo )

Matthew Williams - WIP )

Ivan Braginski - WIP )

Peter Kirkland - WIP )

Tavish Kirkland - WIP )

Caoimhe Kirkland - WIP )

Will be adding to this as I write more. Let me know if it strikes you as interesting =o
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First of all, hullo to [ profile] unsafebet , [ profile] rozarinnn , [ profile] kaiyashe , [ profile] misdre , [ profile] isakana , [ profile] yingyang_700 , [ profile] ecchipiro , [ profile] ishilde , [ profile] arafs , and [ profile] lifesareverie (oh my God I am such a memewhore). I'd like to invite any of you (except rozarinnn, who already has <3) to add me on messenger or Twitter if you like (info here), I'm always after new people to talk to~

On to the introductions... My name is Fiona and I'm a 21 year old English university graduate with a degree in English literature and creative writing (grade pending...). As detailed in my post on the friending meme my fandoms are vocaloids, Sherlock Holmes, internet sites (Facebook, Google, Twitter.. I would be happy to explain this..) the Bible, The Vampire Chronicles, Harry Potter Founders/Marauders, anything by David Eddings, H.P. Lovecraft, and Tolkien. I also like Family Guy, Ghost in the Shell, Rebirth (Korean manhwa), Fushigi Yuugi, With the Light, Fallout 3, Assassin's Creed 2, Bayonetta, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Studio Ghibli (especially Howl's Moving Castle) and The Dragonriders of Pern.

I read and write a lot. I mostly write Hetalia usxuk fanfics but I've been looking into other pairings/characters. Suggestions are always welcome!

Um, I like gardening, and being outdoors in general, but I don't like crowds, or getting up early so I don't get the chance to go out that much as I don't drive. I have a tendency to pick up hobbies then drop them (like playing the guitar, and learning braille, both of which I want to start up again...). I also do a lot of amateur (very amateur) photography which you can look at on my deviantART.

I spend a lot of time asleep. I like sleep. When I'm not asleep I'm on the internet, so prompt replies to comments are almost always guaranteed.

... ^_^;

And now, onto other things.

I seem to have given myself a lot of work to do over the summer, mostly fic-related. I still need to finish my sequel to At The End of All Things and then I have plans to write a series of meetings between Arthur and Horatio Nelson. Thanks to a comment in the friending meme I also want to do the same with Tino and Simo Häyhä (famous Finnish sniper). I also have an AU usxuk fic planned and several fics still unfinished (GAH).

In addition to that, I have plans to write a re-spin of the traditional Cinderella story, but with the gender roles reversed (beautiful princess and servant boy). I think this is going to require some work as there's going to be a lot of things I need to change, and I want to bring in more elements from pre-Perrault versions of the story.

Ho hum.

For anyone wondering about the 'internet sites' thing, this is the reasoning;

Full version here.

I totally ship Facebook/Google. Ohyes. =3


Apr. 3rd, 2010 05:01 am
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My list of ideas for Hetalia fics just hit forty.

This not counting the four I have in the works already.

Wtf. My plotbunnies are breeding like... bunnies.


Mar. 30th, 2010 04:57 pm
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Hetalia has worked its way into my brain, sunk its claws in and now refuses to let go.

I'm getting ideas thick and fast and there is simply not enough time to write them all! DX 

This time, it's Roderich and Vash. As per this scene in Forty Days and Forty Nights. At first I was going to do it with Alfred and Arthur, but then I thought, getting someone to orgasm by trailing a flower over their skin is definitely something more suited to Roderich's thinking, and it will bring out Vash's tsundere side beautifully. Besides, those guys don't get enough love. Seriously.

I know I have a few watchers who love a bit of Aus/Switz action.

I went to see Alice in Wonderland in the cinema with my mum and my sister today, and oh God, I fell in love with the Hatter all over again. He's just too cute >w<;


Mar. 14th, 2010 03:53 am
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Well, I finally started getting my butt back into uni. My mood has been great for the past week or so and now I just have to hope that my professors are understanding. Mostly, I think they will be, there's just the one that I'm worried about though I think I can avoid her. Hopefully, all will be well. Wish me luck!

It's Mother's Day here in Britain tomorrow, and for the first time I'm taking my mum out for dinner. Should be nice, if my step-dad doesn't spoil it by being a jerk. I really hope he doesn't spoil it.

I've finally finished what turned into a 23 chapter fic. I swear I did not intend for it to go on for that long but these things never tend to go how I plan. The question now is, what do I do next? I have a lot of ideas lined up but I'm going to put it to you, yes you as to what I work on next. Here are your options.

1. After finding that Spain is rated higher than France on a 'best lovers' list, Francis sets out to prove Antonio wrong, by any means necessary.
2. Kiku and Heracles bond over their mutual love of cats.
3. Arthur coaxes Alfred into talking about the 9/11 bombings.
4. How Gilbert ended up living with Matthew.
5. Lovino struggles with his feelings for Antonio.

AND/OR, a multi-chapter option. Let's face it, those others are going to get done eventually. All my multi-chap ideas right now are USxUK, and here they are.

1. AU - Arthur is a miserly English businessman. Alfred is a poor American youth. Will he be the one to melt the other's heart?
2. Alfred begins showing serious signs of strain thanks to a collapsing economy and near crippling debt. Arthur rallies everyone he can to help.
3. Arthur and Alfred find Pangaea while out camping. The small girl is far more dangerous than she appears.

Polls are open! 8D


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