Apr. 30th, 2011 02:38 am
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Almost feels like I'm the only person I know who didn't watch the wedding.

Though Kate did look very lovely. She did the same as Princess Diana and omitted 'obey' from her wedding vows. Good on her. I just hope her life doesn't go down the same tragic route.

Working on a fic in which Arthur accidentally turns himself into a girl and then has to deal with Alfred. I think I'll get a few chapters done before I start to post it, but here's a bit.

That voice. That whining, irritating voice. Arthur felt something cold and uncomfortable curl around his heart. He bit his thumbnail and moved out into the hallway, towards the door, his hand coming to rest on the latch a moment before another series of heavy knocks made him flinch. Doubt made him hesitate, but he had never been one to back down from a challenge. He opened the door, poking his head out, and fixed his eyes on the young man standing on the doorstep, a bag by his feet and a smile on his face, his hair sodden and it seemed even that ridiculous cowlick on his head was wilting.

“I’m a bit wet,” he stated, then his smile faded a fraction and he looked at Arthur a little more closely. “Oi… who are you?”

Arthur had almost forgotten, in that brief moment when he’d seen Alfred stood on the doorstep, that the boy wouldn’t recognise him. He cleared his throat and opened the door a little more. “I’m… Arthur… Arthur’s sister. I’m house-sitting. He isn’t here.”

“Oh.” Alfred’s lower lip stuck out in a pout, then he sighed and picked up his bag, not moving to leave as Arthur had hoped, but stepping forwards, pushing the door open and walking inside. “I can wait, that’s fine.”

I don't really like genderbending and I don't intend to refer to Arthur as 'she' through the entire thing at all, because he's still male in his head, he just happened to have a bit of a mishap with an exploding potion. So yeah, that's that.
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Damn you [livejournal.com profile] ecchipiro 

England’s low alcohol tolerance was something which was spoken of occasionally between nations when the man was not present, though it was something which had only been witnessed by a select few. Ludwig had never thought he would be one of them, and as he sat watching the shorter blonde swaying in his seat, holding his fourth pint of good German beer in a lax grip, he was no doubt wishing that had remained the case.

Damn youuuuu...
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I allowed it! That’s just as bad! I-I let myself be… be persuaded to sanction
the deaths of millions of people and I didn’t do anything!

Do  I enjoy torturing a young, confused, bewildered and oh-so-vulnerable Ivan? 


Yes I do.

That is all.


Apr. 22nd, 2010 10:00 pm
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As my good friend [livejournal.com profile] spottacus2 would say...



Óskar managed a smile, then a laugh – a thin, weak sound that rattled through his chest until he was forced to cough.

“I know why you’re here... Although, I do not know what you believed it would achieve... I am clearly in no state-”

“You owe me money, Iceland,” the man snapped. “We had an agreement, and you backed out on it. Did you actually think that I’d just let that lie?”


My nation!sims keep having babies. Wtf.
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Talking with [livejournal.com profile] lemiru  this morning drove me to start the Aus/Switz fic that's been buzzing around in my head for the past few days. It's nearly finished now, more or less, just needs a bit of polishing.


“Get off me.”

“I beg your-”

“Get off! If you’re going to start tapping out the tune to Süssmayr’s Sinfonia Turchesca on my hip while you’re trying to seduce me you can just- Agh, God, you’re so infuriating!”


Hurr. =3=
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Okay, so I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] ithronluin about how things are so much cheaper in Malaysia than they are here in England. This led to my having a random one-shot idea in which Malaysia visits the UK, and finds everything so expensive that Arthur takes her out for lunch/dinner/some kind of meal. I figure they'd be on good terms, with Malaysia once being a country occupied by Britain and still part of the Commonwealth. I just need a reason for her to be in London.

Anyway, I'm digressing. On the back of this I ended up coming up with an appearance and a name for Malaysia. For some reason I couldn't help but imagine her as female, and then I drew her.

Cut to save your flist~ )
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Since I will likely not get to update this thing before Tuesday, as I have an essay due in.

Which I haven't started yet.



The following day, Arthur found Ivan flushed and feverish and recognised the now familiar signs of the boy falling ill. If somebody had told him two hundred years previously that he would be sitting at Russia’s bedside, dabbing his forehead with a cool cloth and murmuring quiet words of comfort to him, he would have called them crazy without a second thought. Arthur sighed softly, and stroked his free hand over Ivan’s hair, several strands falling loose to be brushed away carefully. The boy made a low, slightly pained sound and his breathing stuttered as he turned to the older man’s touch, his fingers clenching fretfully to the bed sheets. He was, for the most part, such a lively, cheerful youngster but he became sick so easily, and when that happened, it was as if all his energy just disappeared. Though it had taken time, Ivan had become part of the family, and Arthur hated to see him suffer.


Mar. 16th, 2010 05:46 am
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Wish me luck for getting to uni tomorrow. I'm hoping I don't end up stuck in school-run traffic while I'm on the way. I don't think I should, but you never know, do you. I know for a fact I'll be in the rush hour jam on the way back so I can only hope I manage to get a seat on the bus, or at least that it's not cold/chucking it down while I'm waiting, because there is nothing worse than being cold, wet, tired and hungry, just wanting to get home and then having to stand up for over an hour while your knees struggle not to buckle.

ANYWAY, I've been working on a little spin-off of At the End of All Things which will cover our dear little Ivan's rediscovery of his past. At the moment I don't know if it's going to get past one chapter, I'm just writing it and seeing how it goes.


Click here for a teaser! )


I'm hungry =|

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Well, I missed uni again today, but that was totally not my fault.

I actually haven't been to uni this week xD But I'm feeling miles better, I've had a good laugh over the past couple of days from what I've done rather than being in uni, so that's been a big help. I'm also writing again. For those who would want to know, I've decided that after chapter fifteen I'm going to start posting At The End solely on my journal, as I don't think I'll be able to justify posting it on the usxuk community without forcing some kind of usxuk-ness into every chapter, which would of course be detrimental to my writing quality.

So there you go. I'll post chapter fifteen up as soon as it's finished and put a very clear, shiny notice at the bottom to make sure anyone reading it knows about it, but if you're reading this, then you already know! I'll also be giving an option to be notified for new chapters, since I don't expect people to be checking my journal all the time.

In the meantime, here's a little preview of a fic I've started working on tonight. I'm not sure if I'll get it done, but here's hoping!

It isn’t as if I want to be in love with him. Stupid Spain. Can’t read an atmosphere to save his life, and heaven forbid he should notice when I’m blatantly staring at him from the other side of the room.

Not that I mean to do that. It just happens. I can’t help it. Like I said, it’s not as if I want to be in love with him.
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On Thursday, I arrived home to find that my laptop was broken. This, on its own, isn't that bad, it's just a bit of a bummer. I spoke to my friend Kit, who is my personal tech support, and he offered to come to my house on Friday night to take a look.

It took him four hours. For a corrupted system file, he had to reformat my entire computer. Thankfully I didn't lose any of my writing, since my hard drive is partitioned, but I'm now running on XP until I go over to Kit's this weekend for some photography and he can set me up with a Windows 7 disk, which I then have to figure out how to run on my own. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that but hey, how hard can it be? I'll just have to make sure I have everything essential saved to an external hard drive before I install it, and it should be fine.

But as I said, the laptop thing wasn't so bad on its own - what really set me off was that my mobile phone also crashed. For no reason at all. I couldn't do anything with it, wasn't getting network coverage and the charger was no longer recognising my battery as a Sony Ericsson battery. I. Was. Devastated.

You can't even imagine.

So off I go. I turned the desktop on, waiting forever for it to load up because my GOD it is slow (like you wouldn't believe, honestly), and browsed forums for a while before I found something that I could use to fix it. It's fixed now, so no worries, and I have something installed to stop it happening again. The only problem that I ended up with was a complete loss of the lovely themes that I had installed, so I had to make another. I did. I made a very cute USxUK theme using a couple of [livejournal.com profile] technoranma 's pics (I hope that's okay) and one that I had on my phone from God knows when. I put a little US/UK blended flag in my title bars, and it looks awesome. Incidentally, if anyone has a Sony Ericsson phone that they'd like a theme making for, I very much enjoy making them.

I spent a lot of last night weighing the pros and cons of going into university today. The cons won. Turned out that it didn't matter anyway, since I got emailed all the info that I needed about an hour ago. So glad I didn't waste those three hours going there, having the class and coming back... I just wasted them doing nothing instead. =D

I know, I know, I'm terrible.

People who only love me for my writing (yes, I'm looking at you) will be happy to know that chapter fifteen is in the works. Here is a nice preview for you;

“Come on, you sodding Mountie, help me with this.”
“Limey,” a voice piped up behind them, a grin on the American’s face as the two men looked at him.
“Yank,” Arthur shot back.
“Pirate,” Alfred said, moving closer and standing in front of the Englishman, a mischievous glint in his eyes to match the one in the green gaze directed up at him.
“Cack-handed pillock.”
“Scruffy nerf-herder,” Alfred quipped with a snicker, glancing down as Arthur curled his fingers into the top of his pants.
“Columbia,” he purred, tugging the taller man closer.
“Britannia,” was the low voiced response.
“Guys!” Matthew spluttered, startling the two of them so abruptly that they sprang apart as if electrocuted, both blushing furiously. “Now is not the time!”

Happy now? ^_~

So, hai.

Nov. 21st, 2009 01:13 am
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So I've not been around much on LJ recently, and there are several reasons for this.

The first of these is that I had university work to do, which I just about got done no thanks to being ill for two damn weeks. I don't hold high hopes for a good mark, though I at least hope to pass it so I can put it out of the way. It's hard to enjoy a module when you don't like the professor.

The second reason is the new games that I've got. These are Fallout 3, Borderlands, Ninety-Nine Nights, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition and The Last Remnant.

Fallout 3 I had already played, but the copy that I had wasn't mine, and my sister bought it for me. I. Love. Fallout. It's the first game like that that I've played where I've actually managed to stick with it. I also have and have completed all five of the DLCs for the game, with varying success (I got bored with Mothership Zeta and changed the difficulty to 'very easy' just so I could get the hell off that stupid ship).

Okay, so, to the games.

Borderlands is a first person roleplaying shooter (ie, an FPS with RPG elements) and is actually quite fun. It reminds me a lot of Fallout 3, though the difficulty curve seems to be a little sharper. I had some trouble navigating around at first, and it took me about half an hour to figure out how to access my inventory, but that may have just been me being dense. Probably just me being dense. The visuals are... different, to say the least. It's very much like walking through a graphic novel, if you can imagine that. I discovered very early on that I hate Skags. Skags are very annoying. They have this tendency to sneak up on me and nom on my ankles, and I'm stood there turning 'round, because I struggle with FPS games as it is, not able to find these little fuckers. I'm playing as the only female character (Lilith), who has this awesome 'palm strike' thing that I now have to the point that I can take out Skag Pups with one hit. Needs levelling up more... Haha. I might try playing as Mordecai soon, just to see how that goes. He looks pretty cool.

On to Ninety-Nine Nights, AKA N3. N3 is a fantasy based hack and slash game that is both very entertaining and very frustrating. I quickly learned that you need to be at least one level above the mission that you're trying to complete (ie level 6 for mission 5, and so on) but levelling up isn't as quick as I'd like, so re-doing of previous missions is needed quite often. I spent over an hour stuck on Inphyy's mission 5 before I finally managed to complete it. Oh yes, about 'Inphyy'. At the beginning you can only have one character, out of about six or seven that eventually become available. Inphyy is the first one that you can play as. I find her a little irritating, but I have the feeling that I'm supposed to. I'm far in favour of her brother Aspharr, who, while his attacks are slower, seems to build up his Orb Attack (a powerful unleashing of Light Energy) far quicker and uses a staff, so has a much longer reach. Though I'm getting needlessly esoteric for those who haven't played it.
It's rather satisfying, when you get into it, to cut through hoardes of enemies (sometimes numbering in the thousands) per mission. It's a nice stress-reliever, until the constant failing of missions starts to become annoying.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is a third person shooter that takes place on an alien planet in the grip of an ice age. Lots and lots of snow. The planet is populated by a hostile alien species called the Akrid, hostile human Snow Pirates, and you - Wayne. Aside from the friendly voices of your allies that occasionally contact you during missions, and the cut-scenes that show communication between you and said allies, you're on your own in the snowy tundra. At least, that's how it is so far - I've only completed one mission. I suppose I can't say that much about this game just yet.

Lastly, The Last Remnant is a turn-based roleplaying game. Once again I haven't played too much of this yet and so far the storyline seems to be mostly Rush (the protagonist) being dense and annoyingly single minded about rescuing his younger sister, much to the exasperation of everyone around him who is trying to help. One thing that I've found pleasing is that the characters who have English accents (albeit very stereotyped ones) are the good guys. I'm not sure what it is about an English accent that makes a character immediately sinister but it's nice to see the change.
The combat system is fairly simple, though it's not for the kind of person who likes to charge in and cut down everything in their path. Think Final Fantasy.

So yes, that's what I've been up to. I haven't been writing at all, even for university, mostly because when I finally get to it I'm too tired to concentrate properly. I have written a little of chapter thirteen of my current Hetalia fic, so here's a teaser.

“I woke up this morning, yeah? And what you said to me last night totally came back to me, and I thought, you’re right, you know?” The Pole pushed a hand through his hair and worked out a couple of snags. “I’ve spent like, years stuck in this rut of thinking I’m alone, but you were right. I’m totally not, ‘cause I have all you guys!” He grinned, and settled back, draping one arm over the back of the chair. “And it’s like, well, I finally thought properly about Toris, and he totally wouldn’t want this. He warned me so I’d stay alive, and he wouldn’t want me living as a dead man, right?”

There we go. Hopefully I'll have a finished chapter soon. Not sure if I'd count on that, though... I've had Dragon Age: Origins bought for me, and if it's as epic as amazon.co.uk makes it sound, then it's going to be very distracting.


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