Feb. 21st, 2012

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I don't usually work Tuesdays, but I went in today with my sister because she's doing two mornings a week. We were there from 10am until 1pm, and I probably should have worked harder than I did but hey I wasn't meant to be there anyway.

While I was upstairs, I saw a book that I recognised the title of - Game of Thrones. I've heard a lot about this book so I picked it up to have a look, then under it I saw another one by the same author - the third book (part one, paperback). After a bit more digging I found...

I got all of these for £1.50 each, and the latter four don't even appear to have been read. The spines are completely undamaged. The fifth book comes out in paperback on March 15th and I will hopefully have finished this pile of dead tree and ink by then. I still have The Time Traveller's Wife to read, as well as another book I picked up called The Last Templar. I spent £10 on six books. I love charity shops.

In other news, I've finally booked the shark dive that my dad bought me for my birthday. Yes, you read right - shark dive. It's booked for the sixth of April, and it is going to be awesome. It's been so long since I used SCUBA gear, I hope I didn't forget how to breathe properly.

Also this.

GT: But my thought process sort of went like this.
GT: Hes been my best friend forever and ive always liked him a lot as a bro.
GT: And years ago i used to joke around with him that we would probably be totally into each other if he was a girl.
GT: But of course that was before i started to realize he was probably serious about those feelings for me regardless.
GT: Heheh come to think of it maybe that was unwittingly poor form on my part kind of leading him on or something?
GG: Whoops!!
GT: But then...
GT: Later i started thinking.
GT: Maybe i was being kind of unfair to him in the first place?
GT: I mean by saying we would be a good match only if he was a girl.
GT: Like is that last condition there really all THAT important?



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