Mar. 30th, 2012


Mar. 30th, 2012 05:36 pm
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Finally finished Mass Effect 3. It took me ten days to finish all three games, which I think is a pretty good time. There's girl gamers, and then there's me, or so my friend Dayle says. Aha. I actually liked the ending, I thought it was very clever, but there's a lot of things that happened that I'd like explaining. I'm not gonna flip out like some of the fans though, I'm quite happy to wait, because really, for the rest of the games to be that good only for the final five minutes to fall flat because of sloppy writing? I don't buy it. There's something more going on there.

I was sitting in the bloody jobcentre for an hour today. My appointment was moved to 20 minutes earlier, and I was there on time. Only problem was, the person I was meant to be seeing wasn't there, and the person that had taken over his work for that day was downstairs, waiting for me. It was only when she rang up my house and my mum told her that I was actually at the jobcentre that she came and found me. Then I was sat with her for 40 goddamn minutes while she dragged me through the meeting and 'amended' my job seeker agreement to mean that I now have to look for eight jobs a fortnight instead of... whatever it was before. Eight might not seem like so many, but if you've ever been on a job search before you'll know that when you're looking you will tend to run into the same jobs. Over, and over, and over. I know I do.

Also, I dislike the way they seem to tar everyone with the same brush. It was only about half way through the conversation that she stopped talking to me like I was stupid. Sure, I might not have a job but that isn't because I'm incapable, it's because there's no place that will bloody hire me. Eugh.

So I got into the BHF shop almost an hour late, because I was sitting around in the jobcentre for over an hour (I was only meant to be there for 30 minutes), and then I needed to leave at 3.30 because I had to get home to make a phone call that I ended up not being able to make anyway, because it was too late by the time my dad heard back from my aunt and they weren't picking up. Hopefully I can just call tomorrow and that will be okay, if I explain why I'm a bit late. I suppose that's not really much of an excuse since I've had weeks to figure out who's coming, but I still don't know for sure if [ profile] nasty_show can make it... though I hope she can! <3

Blargle o3o


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