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It appears that you have found my journal profile. If you're here, then that probably means you're interested enough to find out a little more about me.

I'm English, and not in the least bit patriotic, until you insult my country and then god help you if you don't live in it and you think you can say what's right and wrong here (I take great offence to being called Socialist, because we're not). I watch a lot of anime, play games and read, and I spend a lot of time on the internet so comments will usually be responded to in a timely manner. Most of my posts are short observations or ramblings, if something exciting happens or I actually leave the house. Now and then I'll post fanfics, usually Hetalia.

I enjoy writing a great deal and have a university degree in English literature and creative writing, with a Masters degree currently being worked on. I'm also an intern at Bridge House Publishing.

I'm friendly, very easy to get along with and will probably add you on messenger if you ask me nicely. However I don't take crap from people and while I have a rather long fuse, there's only so long I'll tolerate being treated badly.

Drop me a message if you'd like to get to know me better or if you have any questions :D

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