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Volunteering at the British Heart Foundation store is generally a good laugh anyway, but sometimes things happen that make it more amusing than usual. For instance, Kurtis' constant rage over having to do book rotations, or the way that Sian would probably stand there while someone carried half the stock out of the store, and how the bags of junk being thrown down the stairs sometimes sounds like someone is falling down them. I like to wind Kurtis up because the poor dear has very awkward social skills - which he admits - and his overreacting to things is occasionally funny (to clarify I don't do this just for his reactions, he knows I'm winding him up).

On Friday, while I was having my lunch hour, Clive brought in a brown paper carrier bag of magazines to the manager (who was also having her lunch). He put them on her lap, and she moved a plastic bag that was on top. I, on the other side of the table, glanced at the magazines and then spotted something that had me pointing and yelling "SPIDER!" in what was probably a more panicked voice than I remember.

Michelle, who doesn't like spiders, flipped everything off her knee.
Karl jumped up on a chair.
I nearly flipped back out of my chair.
Clive backed out of the room.
Paul and Kurtis cracked up laughing.

Then we had to find the spider because no one believed I'd seen it. Clive found on on the floor and tried to rescue it but I think the magazines had fallen on it and it was crawling across the floor with half its legs not working. So Clive squished it.

Augh spiders.

Moving on, I got a gift in the mail yesterday! I didn't expect it so soon because it was bought from the internet, but my awesome friend [ profile] inu_taiyoukai sent me this little darling!

He's tiny (about six inches long) and his name is Terrance! He has pride of place on my pillow with my other favourite toys and the little TY Beanie that [ profile] iiluov got me is his little girlfriend.

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Okay, so. It's not tomorrow. It's Wednesday. I got tired. On Saturday I was supposed to be going out with my dad today but I didn't, because he had teh sick, so he couldn't really make the three hour drive up here. I'm not going to complain about it, because it's not really something that he could help. When I woke up at 11.30 and there wasn't someone yelling in my ear to get up because dad was here and waiting for me I was very confused.

I finally took a photo of my new shoes. I've got some mixed reactions towards them and some that I didn't really expect (I thought that my mother would hate them but she surprised me). Generally it's all been good, though. I'm not usually one for wearing shoes with heels but I couldn't resist those ones, they were just too comfortable. I wasn't going to buy them, because psh, I'm not the kind of person who will spend £18 on a pair of shoes unless my other pair are beginning to fall apart, but Amy told me that I ought to and then I whined that she should get them for me, and she agreed to, on the condition that I wear them. I haven't managed to yet, but I will do 8|

I've been trying to take a more positive outlook on my life lately. I've always been the kind of person who is resistant to change, mostly because I find it uncomfortable. I dislike uncertainty, but I figure that the only thing that's ever going to be certain in my life is uncertainty, and as soon as I get over that everything will be fine. It's just kind of hard, 'cause god knows I don't know where I'm going with my life right now but I don't want to look back in five years and kick myself because I didn't try hard enough at a time that it would have mattered the most. I'm comfortable where I am, sure, but that doesn't mean I still want to be here when I'm nearing thirty. This, of course, means applying for jobs, which is an effort for me in itself. Job application forms have always intimidated me because I'm usually staring at them with no idea of what to put in half the sections, but god knows I can't keep getting money off my dad forever.


Anyway. I also bought a new phone. I've been on contract since I was eighteen, but I no longer use my phone enough to justify actually having a contract, so I moved onto PAYG, and for £10 a month I'm getting 300 UK texts, 500MB UK internet and the £10 credit. Works out fine for me, I doubt I'll even reach the limit on the texts. The internet, maybe, since I have a widget running in the background that's tracking my facebook and twitter feeds, but I'm keeping an eye on it. I got the Samsung Wave 525, and I'm putting a picture of it.. because I can. :D I'm using this picture as my background, because it's PrUK, and it's gorgeous, and it fits well on my screen around all my widgets.

I'll be going to the dentist on Friday, and it's been a long time coming, really. I haven't been in over two years and I really thought they would have struck me off by now, but if they try to tell me I need my wisdom teeth removing I'm going to have a few words to say =| My wisdom teeth are fine, even if one of them gives me a painful ulcer every few months. It's set at a funny angle but I just drown the bastard in Bonjela until it goes away.

My hair was cut today, a bit shorter than it's been before. I have this kind of Motoko Kusanagi thing going on, the episode where that guy is fantasising about her and her hair is straight.

I was linked to something interesting today by [ profile] chiisana00. Apparently someone has been posting fanfics on tumblr without crediting the authors (not claiming them as theirs, just posting them with no credit). One of them is mine - you can see the post here and at the moment I'm not sure whether or not to be outraged. On the one hand, it's my fic and I probably should be getting credit, but on the other, they're not claiming it as their so I'm not really sure I care enough to kick up a huge fuss. Maybe I'm just a little jaded as far as things like that are concerned.

Though speaking of fics now that my brain has recovered I'll start working on my alphabet prompts shortly. I probably won't do them all in order, and some will take longer because they're pairings I haven't done before.
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This is my room. Isn't it nice with the weirdly shaped roof and such. All pics are clickable if you want a better look.

I will now show you some neat things from my room.
Enormous Picspam )

And that's it. ouo


Jul. 11th, 2010 11:48 pm
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When I go away I have this habit of keeping random stuff from the holiday. So now you get to see pictures of said random stuff along with the awesome things I had waiting for me when I got home from [ profile] amael_elen , amazing person that she is X3

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Okay, it's not so much of a '-3-' day anymore, because the post just came, and I got a letter! 

From [ profile] lemiru ! >w<





It's so awesome it has its own tag.
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Another interesting day. I went into town, which those who know me will know is a big deal. Apart from being dragged out for trips, or going to uni, or out to see my dad, I never leave the house. I don't like to. It's a personal problem that I occasionally try to deal with, with varying levels of success.

My sister woke me up at quarter past two, which was fine, because I'd said I'd go into town with her. So I got up, and off we went. Half-way there I realised I'd forgotten my savings account book, so Amy carried on (she had an optician's appointment) and I went back, got the book, and left a second time. When I got into town I got some money, then went to get my bus pass, and while I was there I got some photos for my passport. I had to take off my glasses and I look like a zombie. Why must passport photos always be so unflattering?

Okay, so, after that I went and bought some things that I've been after for a little while - namely a new notebook, some drawing pencils and a sketchbook. I took a photo of the notebook to show you, because I think it's awesome. It was £9.99 ($15 approx) but so worth it.

Pics Cut! )

Yeah >w<;

I also bought a new top, which I may wear tomorrow if the weather is good. The weather has been quite good, lately... I'm tentatively beginning to think that it might be summer!

After I'd got all my stuff and renewed my library books I met up with my sister and my mum, and we came home. When my step-dad got back from work he took me to Argos, and I got myself a nice new printer, some storage boxes and a TV stand. It took me three hours to finish moving my bedroom around and it's still a little messy because I haven't quite worked out how to deal with the sudden lack of space. I hadn't realised how much I relied on my desk for storage. I think I'll need another box.

And now, after all that, my legs are aching, my shoulder hurts after I dropped the tiny adaptor for my television aerial down the back of the wardrobe (I had to then move the wardrobe, and it easily weighs as much, if not more than I do), and my legs ache from all the damn walking and the muscle I pulled on the inside of my right thigh when I went bowling on Saturday, but all in all, it was a good day~

One last thing - out of sheer curiosity, to those people who don't only follow me for my fics. I will give you one question - post it in a comment, and I'll answer honestly. One question only 8D
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Oh lawd, she's posting something that isn't about Hetalia, and isn't bawwing about something that sucks in her life! 8D

I got this little Luka Megurine nendoroid in the post today from, courtesy of my good friend Jasper. Isn't she cuuuuute~

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