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How was yours? Particularly unlucky?

I woke up to being screamed at that I hadn't done the dishes (because I'd overslept), went down to do them only to be told to go away, so I hid in the bathroom while mother did the dishes herself, crashing them around like they'd done something wrong. I then had a very paltry dinner of a bit of salmon and salad - you'd not think I was the only one in the house not on a diet. I've seen my mother for less than five minutes and she's spent half of that shouting at me, and the rest of it either ignoring me or speaking to me like she might throw something at me. I do the dishes when it's my turn, pretty much every time. I even do Amy's turn when she's out or not up (and Amy didn't even cover for me, thanks kid), and it seems to me that there's no point in my doing anything at all because whenever I forget just one time it's like I never do anything anyway.

Being lazy and being yelled at for it seems like it would be a lot easier on my confidence than doing things and having them completely brushed aside because one thing is forgotten.

I feel so distanced from my family here. They don't know me at all (to take the emo teen angle). My sister and my mother are very alike, they both like soaps, they both like (ew) Twilight, they both like to shop and all those girly things. Me, I'm a nerd. I like Star Trek and computers, and politics and history. Things that mother won't even humour me about. I'm just stuck inside my own head. It's a bit depressing really.

Also my lady week, as [ profile] nasty_show calls it, started today, and I was curled up for four hours with crippling cramp before the painkillers kicked in.. or it went away on its own, I don't know.
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Last night, I went out with the family for dinner. I'm not much of a staying-out-drinking kind of person so I came home after we'd eaten (at about 6pm) and wrote the first chapter of my [ profile] usxuk Secret Santa fic for [ profile] arakni666 (and the fact that it was well received was also a nice gift). I'll be doing the second chapter today and the final one tomorrow. My sleeping patterns have been a bit off for the past few days so by 9pm I was feeling a bit meh and sitting in my room drinking Baileys. When the rest of the family got home, mother and Amy were rather squiffy, not to the point of being annoying but definitely to the point of everything they said being absolutely hilarious (two classic quotes from the night from my mother - 'Old people are beige' and 'Old people don't go on Facebook').

From not feeling terribly festive last night once I got home, I woke up in a rather good mood and got up once I heard movement downstairs. I've noticed as I've got older that my 'haul' of gifts has got smaller, but I've also noticed that I don't really mind. My Christmas has been staggered over two days for as long as I can remember - on Christmas Day we (my sister and I) get our gifts from my mum, stepdad, each other, and various relatives/friends of the family, and on Boxing Day we get our gifts from our dad and that side of the family, though they mostly stopped giving presents several years ago. :1

Anyway, on to the gifts. I took pictures of some of them, but not all, because I don't really need to take a picture in order to explain a pair of socks. Speaking of socks, I got two pairs of fluffy purple ones. I rather like fluffy socks since I don't leave the house that often and they're better for keeping my feet warm. I also got a scarf, and two jumper-cardigan-thickandwarm-type-things that I will now wear the heck out of until mum decides she hates them and buys me new ones next year in an effort to make me get rid of them. I also got a onesie. Ehehe. I will be taking that to Iceland. I have some bracelets and some fudge, and some nice smelling spray stuff that will probably last me forever because I don't really use it that often.

On to the things I took photos of.

From my sister, I got these two things. A mug shaped like a moose (the top comes off) and some hot chocolate, and a Union Jack hot water bottle cover (plus hot water bottle), which is just awesome 8D

From my friend Kitten, I got a Union Jack teacup and saucer set~ It was terribly unfortunate that one of the saucers managed to break while it was on its way but I don't much mind since I'm only actually using one of them, the rest are being kept nice and safe in the box.

Mother managed to do quite well with DVDs and such this year.

From my dear friend Ammy, I got these two lovely things, which I'm almost wary of actually taking anywhere for fear of losing them.

Lastly, [ profile] iiluov got me a TY Beanie Baby, after I found it online. I had it when I was much younger, and I have no idea where or how I managed to lose it, but now I have another <3

I'll likely do another entry tomorrow when I have all my presents from my dad, as well as (finally) a new laptop that actually works, which dad has been taking care of for me.
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The fact that my 'leave a comment' link is now cut in half is bugging me. Does anyone with any HTML knowledge want to check through my layout code and see if there's any way to fix it? :T I've looked myself but my HTML know-how is very limited and I have absolutely no clue what I'm looking at.

The faulty laptop that I've spent the past week trying to return has now gone. The courier came for it yesterday, and I would have posted about it then but for some reason that I don't understand I was up all night and too tired to put together my thoughts to type up an entry. I have a receipt, but hopefully that's the end of it and I can get my refund then give dad the money I owe HIM for getting me a laptop that actually works. I'd love to know what happened to that one that it managed to break like that. I have the feeling it might have been roughed up a bit in the van when it was being delivered.

On Monday, I went to Bolton with mum and Amy to see a play, and managed to fall over within two minutes of getting out of the car. The most awful part wasn't the hitting the ground, or the entire right side of my jeans being soaked with ice-cold water, or my sore hip, it was feeling my foot go out from under me and knowing I was going to fall. I hate that feeling. I suppose I was lucky, I could have smacked my head off the floor or broken a bone, but as it was I was just wet and cold and embarrassed. I'm thinking though that I might have fallen a bit harder than I first thought, since my shoulder has been aching since yesterday and the side of my hand keeps twinging. I can still bend my fingers so it's probably not serious, but still. Muh.

I hate falling over.

Mum, John and Amy went to see the new Sherlock film last night. I didn't, because I'm not really that interested, and they didn't seem very taken with it. Amy was getting bored before it finished. I've not really been that impressed with any modern adaptations of Sherlock Holmes though, so I'm not really surprised.

I got a nice surprise in the mail yesterday, too! A letter from [ profile] ishilde, which I have duly written a reply to and I will be sending that off as soon as I can find a stamp. Hopefully the Xmas post won't slow it up too much :T I love getting letters. I also have my Xmas present from [ profile] iiluov, which is a long-since retired TY Beanie Baby that I had as a kid and managed to lose somehow, probably in one of my mum's clear-outs. It might be silly for a 23 year old to miss a toy but I don't care :T

I'm staying in my room today. My stomach hasn't been quite right since last night and I still feel a bit icky. Bluh.
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Or something. I don't really care, we don't celebrate Halloween over here like a lot of Americans do and at twenty-two I'm certainly too old for it. I don't live in an estate with a lot of kids so we don't really get people knocking on the door (and we're far more interested in Bonfire Night anyway).

I didn't get a wink of sleep last night thanks to being wound up and annoyed over something that I shouldn't have really been so bothered about, so I was tired as all hell this morning, but when mum wanted to go out for lunch I thought 'why not' and went for it, rather hoping it would wake me up. It didn't, really, and I was flagging on the way back home, at which point mother decides to try and talk to me about important things. She always does that. I wonder if she's trying to catch me off guard but she always tries to bring up important topics when I'm half asleep or otherwise impaired. This time it was telling me there was a job in Manchester, at which point I informed her that it would take me two hours, possibly more, to get into the city for a 9am job. Somehow, she didn't know this. Clearly she's never tried to get into Manchester for 9am on public transport.

So I was basically told 'if you can't get a job in Leigh you're going to be knackered'. Thanks mum, jeez, that's really supportive. I have zero desire to end up with a job that I hate, while having to get up at 6am to get there and not getting home until 7pm. My town has no rail link so I'd be relying entirely upon the buses, and there's only one route from Manchester to Leigh that all the buses take. I'm looking at pretty much the same situation in any of the towns around here that I could find a job in which is why I'm hoping for one that's nearby, or 'off peak' hours so it won't be hell to get to. I don't want my entire life to end up being comprised of working and sleeping, because I cannot tell you how much that would mess me up emotionally, as well as cutting me off from all of my friends. Mother would probably snappishly tell me that that is what being an adult is about. I don't agree with that.

Something else she tried to talk about was what was going to happen when my boyfriend comes over. He's already staying in a hotel because she doesn't want him here for the whole ten days, but she's now complaining about having to ferry us back and forth to said hotel because it gets dark early. Maybe she should have thought of that before she said he couldn't stay here, it's not like my not being able to drive is a secret |= Pfh. I don't think she actually knows what she wants. She said something stupid like 'I don't like the idea of you two being in the same room together late at night, awake' and I was just like... for god's sake, what does she think we're going to be getting up to? And even if we DID get up to those things I'm TWENTY TWO and if I WANT to sleep with a guy then I WILL. Jeez. =-=

Anyway, I talked to my dad - as I usually do when I have a problem because he actually listens and I don't feel like he's quietly judging me while telling me to just get one with it - and he's emailed someone at work that he knows worked for Oxford University Press. I've got some addresses that I can write to. Getting a foothold on the publishing industry is really hard x.x

Until then I guess the best I can do is show willing to keep the mother creature off my back. Blargle.

Still got a lot of writing to be getting on with. I'm going to be using NaNoWriMo to be doing a lot of it.
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I've agreed to do a reverse bungee. It will be taking place on November 13th. My boyfriend [ profile] lemmi162 will be there to watch, as will my dad [ profile] pushkingram if he can stay over on the Saturday night since he'll be here anyway.

Why did I agree to this?


In other news, MY BOYFRIEND IS COMING OVER. I don't talk about him much, and I ought to. His name is Darren, and he's from Reno, Nevada, and we're finally going to meet when he comes over to England for a week and a half next month. >O<;;

Mum seems to be in a much better mood now that me and Amy have taken on cleaning the house. I'm not minding this at all since cleaning doesn't take much effort and it makes my life easier if she's not breathing down my neck because she thinks I'm being lazy.

I had to clean my goldfish's tank again today (after about three days) because there was a load of random white fluffy stuff clinging to everything. I'm not sure what it is but it seems to be a kind of fungus that's caused by decaying material in the tank - namely plants and food. Since the tank is cleaned regularly the plants aren't dying and any bits that are stuck in the gravel get removed, so I can only assume that it's because my stepdad is overfeeding the poor thing and it's leaving food on the bottom which then is causing the fungus. Lovely. I'm going to be keeping an eye on the tank to make sure it doesn't come back.

It's getting to winter now and it's growing cold. At the moment it's 10 degrees outside (that's 50F) which may not seem that cold to a lot of people but when you live in a temperate climate it's sliding to the lower end of uncomfortable. What's more uncomfortable, however, is not the fact that it's cold outside, but when it's cold outside it's also cold inside. My bedroom, and my sister's, are located in a dormer and when it was built it didn't really get amazing insulation, as well as having a flat roof. So, the rooms lose heat. Quickly. I'm not looking forward to this winter. Ironically, in summer it's the complete opposite and the rooms hold in the heat like a furnace.

Plotbunnies are coming in thick and fast these days. Right now I have 25 fics on my prompts left to do, and four chapterfics. One of them is new, an idea given to me by something my bestu [ profile] berwaldox said. It's been a while since I've had a France/Scotland idea, but while RPing with her, something that her Scotland said caught my eye - "He's come back to me like I always said he would" or something to that effect. I'm going to see what I can make of it but it's likely going to be a short chapterfic with some matchmaking. I do like France/Scotland.
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I've finally begun making a start on my prompts so expect a flood of fics over the next few days. We have...
  • Eight US/UK
  • Four Sweden/Norway
  • Two France/Canada
  • Two Denmark/Norway
  • One France/Spain
  • One Spain/UK
  • One UK/Canada
  • One Prussia/UK
  • One Prussia/Austria
  • One Spain/US/UK
  • One Mexico/Canada
  • One Lestat/Louis
Spot the odd one out. Ahaha. I should mention I'm still open for more xD I like having things to occupy my time. I'm currently working on finishing Eternal Sonata, Dragon Age II, and Fallout: New Vegas, and have recently finished Fable III after playing it for three days straight.

It's been a bit odd around here recently, for more than one reason. For one my sleeping pattern has turned completely around over the past week, and I've gone from being practically nocturnal to actually having what most people would call a 'normal' sleeping pattern. It doesn't sit well with me, I haven't been sleeping very well. Another odd thing is how my mum's been behaving. I'm tempted to say it's hormones. Yesterday she yelled at me for telling her a pan was oily. I thought it was just me, but after I spoke to my sister I found she'd noticed it too. If it was something we'd done, we'd sure as hell know it.

I don't really want to end up as one of those people who never speaks to their mother after they leave home but to be honest I can see it happening. Of course that requires actually having the money to move out, first... which I don't.

She said today, that she was going to start leaving jobs for my sister and I to do. I should stress here that we don't mind this at all and have in fact been saying for some time that it would be fine if she did it. She said it like we were going to kick up a fuss. Sometimes I just don't know what's going on in her head.


Sep. 20th, 2011 02:27 pm
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Last night I spent a very amusing hour or so attempting to come up with a name for one of the main antagonists for my dear friend and waifu [ profile] lemiru's upcoming new webcomic which is yet to be titled. He has been nicknamed 'murderprince' up until this point and after much throwing names at Miru and much giggling on her part at the random names I was managing to come up with I threw the name Matthias Ulfred Rodolph Dmitri Eduard Rafe Philip Robert Ingram Niklaus Cedric Eisenberg at her. So you don't have to spend any time staring at it wondering why on earth I picked those names, I will tell you right now that the initials spell out 'M.U.R.D.E.R.P.R.I.N.C.E.'. I thought it was quite clever.

Eventually, Miru decided she liked the name Albrecht, which I think fits quite well with the name of his errand-boy Marechal, Tibeault. Seriously. 'Albrecht and Tibeault'. How well do those names go together? I think 'very'. 8)

Though the wisdom that is Miru also decided to tack the MURDERPRINCE string on after Albrecht, likely with a few changes in the names, because royals always have ridiculously long names and because his initials all together would then spell out 'A MURDERPRINCE' which is just too awesome.

Mother is coming home today, and I'm kind of torn over whether or not I want to go to the airport when John goes to pick them up. On the one hand, it would be nice to see them off the plane, but on the other hand, mum wants to go out for dinner and I have this sinking feeling that something will happen to cause an argument, which will just leave me wishing that I never went. I don't think that I want to risk it, so I'll just wait until she comes home. I also have no wish to be trying to get to the airport (and away from it) in rush hour traffic... e.e

I think I'll just stay here. =| I have plenty of writing to keep me occupied.


Sep. 19th, 2011 02:54 pm
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Apparently mother gets back tomorrow, not today, as I had thought for some reason. Curse my lack of ability to read calendars properly. John has promised KFC for dinner tonight so we'll see if he actually comes up with it.

In other news, I'm finally feeling like I'm getting on top of everything that I've been wanting to do. It's a nice feeling. I've learnt that not being nagged actually makes me want to do things, but there's no way I'd be able to explain it to my mother since she has this idea that I NEED to be nagged or I won't do ANYTHING.

I'm a complicated person. o-o

This is going to be a writing day today. I can feel it 8)


Sep. 17th, 2011 01:16 pm
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I'm hoping that today is going to be one of those days when I get a lot of things done. I'm already off to a good start, and it's only just gone 1pm. Mother will be home on Monday, and John and I have decided against telling her about my horrendous sleeping habits this week because I know she wouldn't be impressed in the slightest.

Thanking very much to [ profile] haro for giving me an invite code so I could finally set up a dreamwidth account like I'd been intending to for a while - since the last major LJ outage, actually. I think I still prefer LJ so I won't be moving over there, unless I can find a way to make it look how I want it to, but it will serve well as a backup until I decide to shift. Even then I'll likely still be using LJ. I'm a complicated person.

My Dreamwidth is here if anyone with it would like to add me. o3o

I've had a good turnout to the last meme I posted, even if Franada isn't really my thing and neither is SweNor.. looking at YOU, [ profile] chiisana00.. I haven't been asked to do anything that I really object to. Which is nice.

It's been raining all day.

How is everyone? o3o
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I don't tend to miss people, unless there's no chance that I can get in touch with them. Sometimes I miss my dad. Right now, my mum and sister are away in Majorca and while I don't particularly miss my sister (sorry Amy =P) I have realised today that I do miss my mum. I didn't get to say a proper goodbye to her since I was stuck in the bathroom with a stomach ache and I'm currently wearing her dressing gown because it smells like her. As nice as it has been to have the option to just.. sleep when I want to.. because John doesn't bug me about when I'm asleep.. I still miss my mum.

I've started shipping Mexico/Canada. What is this.

Oh, and a meme. Stolen, naturally.

Alphabet Prompt Meme.

Basically just give me a prompt starting with any letter of the alphabet and I'll write you a drabble about it. You can pick a pairing if you like, but I will reserve my right to refuse it. Please no nyotalia.

Fandoms: Axis Powers: Hetalia, Pandora Hearts, Ghost in the Shell, Fushigi Yuugi, Homestuck, Assassin's Creed (1, 2 & Brotherhood), Fable (1 - 3), The Lord of the Rings, The Vampire Chronicles.

A - Art [Mexico/Canada] ([ profile] mamamia12347)
B - Bewitch [Spain/US/UK] ([ profile] anisaex)
C - College [US/UK] ([ profile] mamamia12347)
D - Dance [France/Canada] ([ profile] medev)
E - Extortion [Spain/UK] ([ profile] anisaex)
F - Fluff [Sweden/Norway] ([ profile] chiisana00)
G - Gardening [France/Spain] ([ profile] berwaldox)
H - "Hello" - Martin Solveig [France/Canada] ([ profile] mamamia12347)
I - 'I want to tell you something' [Sweden/Norway] ([ profile] chiisana00)
J -
K - Kiss [Sweden/Norway] ([ profile] chiisana00)
L - Lights [Denmark/Norway] ([ profile] mamamia12347)
M - Music [US/UK] ([ profile] mamamia12347)
N -
O -
P - Poison [Spain/UK] ([ profile] anisaex)
Q -
R - Ring [Denmark/Norway] ([ profile] anisaex)
S - Staring [Sweden/Norway] ([ profile] chiisana00)
T - Tears [US/UK] ([ profile] medev)
U - 'Us against the world' [US/UK] ([ profile] anisaex)
V - Voice [US/UK] ([ profile] medev)
W - Waterpark [Prussia/UK] ([ profile] berwaldox)
X -
Y -
Z - Zookeepers [US/UK] ([ profile] nasty_show)

Pick as many letters/words/prompts as you want. There are no limits (within reason, please). I know I have a bad history of not actually finishing these things but I am really going to try this time xD


Jul. 25th, 2011 03:20 pm
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I would say that seeing the Red Arrows was totally worth this sunburn, but it isn't.

It's been three days and my forehead feels like it's on fire constantly. The rest the burnt spots are fine, if a tiny bit itchy, but my forehead.. it's like someone took a red-hot poker to it and it doesn't even look that bad. I have some aloe, but it's really only temporary relief (temporary, read: two seconds) and really it's just making me want to sleep all the time so I don't have to deal with it. I slept for ten hours last night and fourteen the night before, and for someone who normally sleeps eight hours a night that's a hell of a lot.

I don't care what my mum says, sunburn (no matter how 'healthy' looking it is - I don't think she realises what actually causes sunburn and tanning) is never a good look on anyone and unlike a lot of people my age I hate having a tan. Something about my skin being darker than my hair is incredibly unappealing to me. [ profile] berwaldox put me on to her game, though. She's trying to make me go outside more often by saying I don't look that bad. I'm on to her now. 8|

What's annoying me more about it is that it's caused me to miss two [ profile] usxuk  prompts that I was really looking forward to doing. I'll probably end up writing them anyway and posting them outside of the event, because I had ideas for both that I want to use. Yet more things to add to the list of fics that I have yet to finish.

The fish are still alive. Barney is back to his usual self though his tail is still a bit red-streaked. He's curious as ever and coming to the front of the tank when people are in the room. It was sad to see him get so shy and quiet when he was sick - he kept hiding and wouldn't come out at all. Robin is still very much tail-less, but I didn't expect that to change any time soon. Still not moving around that much, but that's not really surprising, it must be quite exhausting.

It's my mum's birthday today and she wants to go out for dinner. Me, I'm feeling utterly miserable and in constant pain/discomfort across my forehead. Mum says take a painkiller, which don't work on me. Amy says put make-up on, which is just a ridiculous suggestion. Who puts make-up on a burn? Silly girl.



Jul. 24th, 2011 03:31 pm
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Today, after an hour and a half of sleep after watching the news reports about the Norwegian bombing and shooting repeat every half an hour until I had to switch it off, I got up and went with my parents to Southport for the 2011 Air Show. We drove to Daisy Hill train station and took the train across to Southport, I had to fight for the entire way not to kill everybody in the carriage, since I was tired and crabby and the train was very crowded. Once we got there and out I was fine, and mother is far more understanding of my moods than she used to be and knew that had been rather difficult for me to handle.

HUGE entry under the cut. )


Jul. 14th, 2011 12:18 pm
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I am sitting in my bedroom, watching the thermometer creeping slowly closer to 27 degrees, feeling rather uncomfortable already and it- (sod it, I moved downstairs. In the middle of an entry. I'm that hipster).


I'm now sitting in the dining room watching my parents do the garden and I'm drinking instant tea because we've run out of teabags. I don't know why I didn't just go and get some of my loose leaf tea from upstairs but mum said it wasn't too bad tasting. Well... it's not disgusting, but it reminds me of camping for reasons I can't explain and it's not something I'd choose to drink. I might have to get some Baroness Grey down me before the day is out, I've grown quite a fondness for that tea though I might try putting a little sugar in it. It's a tad too tart.

Mum pulled a carrot up today. Well, she pulled up four but only one of them was really worth a mention. This one.

Look at that. Look how freaky that is.

I have nothing more to say 8|
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Okay, so now I have all of my fun graduation gifts I'm going to show them off - I wanted to wait until I got the one off my dad because it is gorgeous.

Pics and stuff )

So~ I saw Toy Story 3 today, and oh my god, it has officially replaced UP as my favourite Pixar film. Unfortunately the beginning was a little spoiled by some noisy brats who'd snuck into the screen and wouldn't shut the hell up, but they got caught and moved out of the screen and it was much quieter after that.

I shan't talk too much about it for the sake of those who haven't seen it, but I would recommend it wholeheartedly. I nearly cried at the end and I didn't even cry at the end of Moulin Rouge, or The Green Mile. I have no soul (apparently).

It's my mum's 50th on Sunday, and my grandad's 70th on Monday. I'm not so concerned about mum - she keeps saying she's going to be really depressed over it but I don't think she will, she'll just get on with things because she's sensible and that's what she's like. My grandad, however, I am more concerned about. Like my nanna his health isn't the best and hasn't been for a long time. I don't really remember much of him from my childhood but I know that he wasn't always as thin as he is now, and a couple of months ago was the first time that my nanna said that she might not have that long left. I know she's right, she's nearly eighty and it's amazing she's gone on this long, but still, it was a bit of a shock to hear her say it. I suppose when you're young (yeah I'm not a kid anymore bit I'm only 21) you can sometimes forget, especially if you're lucky enough to have never lost a family member like I have been, that people do get old and die, and it's difficult to get my head around the fact that at some point, possibly very soon, either one or both of them isn't going to be around anymore.


I'm sure I had more to say here, but I can't remember any of it. Oh well!

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Now, I'm going to write some porn.

See, the other night while RPing with [ profile] amael_elen , the issue of how many nations Arthur has slept with came up. The list came to twenty-six (including America)... so... I'm writing them. All of them. Some, you will expect. Some, you won't. Feel free to make guesses... xD

Also, here is a nice, dorky photo of me (and my mum). LOOK AT THE HAT.

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Well, yesterday and today, actually, but I just wanted to have some kind of intelligent title.

Yesterday, you might have noticed, I wasn't feeling that great. A large amount of FML was dumped on my head from the moment I woke up and realised that yet again I'd missed uni due to oversleeping. I might have got up and got out of the house for the visit to the Holocaust Museum that I had planned if it hadn't been for my mother coming into my room and giving me a lecture.

All that and more, below the cut. )

Now then!

Apr. 14th, 2010 05:23 pm
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Now it's been established that I need to stalk the main comm a lot more often, I actually have an update today.

My sad absence from posting fics has been due to many things, not all of them good, but on Sunday I went to Southport. For those British people who have never been to Southport, imagine Blackpool only less gaudy, with fewer piers, and you've about got it. If you're British and can't imagine Blackpool on account of never having been or suffering some kind of post-traumatic stress from being left in the underground public toilets by your mother's friend who was supposed to be looking after you and coming up on the wrong side of the road and being shouted at because of it... more power to you, you don't want to imagine Blackpool.

The phone is ringing. I'm not answering it. Phones weird me out.

Anyway- bleurgh, cold tea... - the weather was good (shock) and we wandered around, and walked up the mile pier. Not all the way to the end, because a mile is a long way to walk for bugger all and then you still have to walk back.

We saw a pigeon. I'm sure you're wondering why I'm bringing this up and I'm doing so on account of the fact that I found this pigeon rather amusing. It was just sat there, on a bit of grass next to the pier, surrounded by bits of bread, barely feet from the path and not moving when people walked past it. We - that is, the people I was with, that being my friend Kelly, her boyfriend Matt, and Matt's friend Pete - decided that this pigeon was a low ranking member of the seagull mafia and was guarding the stash until they came back.

On the beach, Kelly and I rescued five ladybirds. I don't know what the hell they were doing half a mile out on the sand but they seemed to have crash landed, and were unable to take off again because of the wind. It was rather windy.

We later saw the same pigeon, on the other side of the path, sat between the tracks of a train line. Apparently he had failed in his duties and rather than let the seagulls take care of him was saving them the job and doing it himself.

Then, we went for some Chinese. There was a cute waiter there. I had duck. I love duck. Yum yum.

I spent the next couple of days making myself horribly depressed looking for jobs, before coming to the conclusion that there are no jobs. I have just been informed by my friend Tom that he has just been offered a job, so perhaps I'm not looking hard enough, or all the jobs are on another plane of existence that I simply don't have access to. I'm probably not looking hard enough, but the other explanation makes me feel better.

A good thing is that I talked to the friend I was bawwing about yesterday, and she really hasn't changed all that much. Not that I can tell, anyway. Yet. We shall see. What I find funny is that for the past couple of months she's been practically stalking me too scared to talk to me because of what I'd think of her. Silly woman. I do love her though.

Bit of TMI, now. Maybe. If you're squicky about that kind of thing.

I got the curse dropped on me this morning. I've been in pain all day. The main problem with this, is that I'm in so much pain that it upsets my stomach, so I really don't want to eat anything.

It really fucking sucks.

What else can I tell you...

I'm going to Brugge in December. Mum wanted to go in July for her birthday but we figured it might be too hot and so we got on a thing for the Christmas Markets. I'll take lots of photos.

I'm also going to Venice in September. This was not quite so elaborately planned, more of a suggestion sprung onto my father [ profile] pushkingram by myself and my sister [ profile] sparklyscorpio . We didn't actually expect him to agree to take us, but he did, because he's freaking awesome. So I'm going to Venice. I'll take lots of photos.

I might also be going to Ireland if I can ever get a hold of my friend Alison to make the arrangements for summer.

Also, I might impose myself upon [ profile] lemiru in Switzerland if I have the money. We can have tea.

I'm going to be writing a lot today.


Jan. 9th, 2010 05:41 pm
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I swear, everyone in this house is in a bad mood today apart from me, especially my mother. I'm just waiting for the heating to come on properly so I can disappear upstairs and be out of the way of everyone.


I've been meaning to for a few days now, but I think tonight I'm going to finish off chapter 14 and then see if I can get some work done on my last assignment from last year. It's due next Thursday, and it's going to take some work but I know I can do it in four days, no problem. I just need a working idea for 'innovation and experiment'... I was thinking perhaps... stories from the point of view of someone who had never been recorded in history, but who had been present at, and had possibly influenced some of the major events in history? Maybe. It sounds like a fun idea and it would definitely be an interesting character.


So, I went to Bolton today with the family. Slush and snow all over the place, and I didn't get to spend my voucher for Waterstones because they didn't have anything that I wanted so I'll have to check out the website and see if there's anything on there...

You know, I've reached a point in my life now where I'm not sure where exactly I'm heading. So many people my age have all these plans and things like that, and I have ideas of what I want to do but then when I think about it, I'm not all that sure. I've wanted to be a teacher for years, and all my choices in my education have been geared towards that goal, but now I'm not certain. I don't know if I can hack it. It's worrying, because I'm fast approaching the time where I'll stop getting any money from my father but I'm going to still be in education, and you can't get grants for a Masters degree. There's always the option to pay in installments but that means getting a job, and job opportunities where I live are very limited for somebody who can't work full time.


I'm going to go and change my bedsheets later. I got a 15 tog duvet (for those of you who aren't British, 'tog' is the thickness of the duvet... and a duvet is a quilt) because the heating can't keep staying on all the time. It's going to be cold ._.
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I've finally shaken that cough, though now I've developed two very strategically placed mouth ulcers, one on my top lip and one on the lower half of my cheek, both on the left side of my mouth, which are stopping me eating properly. My knee is still sore, too. I can't kneel on it without it hurting, and though the bruising seems to have mostly gone down, I'm wondering if there's any lasting damage... Meh. It's probably just deep bruising. I did land on the ligament after all.

So. It's my birthday tomorrow. I'll be twenty-one years old. I don't want to be.

Perhaps it's a side effect of people (namely my mother) always using my age as a reason why I ought to be doing certain things, but I don't feel 'ready' to be twenty-one. It infers a level of being 'adult' that I don't think I've reached yet. Sometimes it feels like my brain got stuck at sixteen and my body just carried on without it. I don't know if I just didn't grow up or grew up a different way but I'm just not doing the same kinds of things that other people my age do. I'd rather spend my time indoors than go out and get drunk with friends (that I don't have...)...

Meh. I dunno.

My grandparents are going to be here in about 45 minutes, and I can't be bothered. I never have anything to say to them anyway.


Oct. 31st, 2009 12:24 am
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Because there isn't a full enough title to fit everything I'm gonna talk about X3

Well last weekend went well, for the most part. MCM was epic fun, and I got lots and lots of hugs, and I met Craig Charles. Ohyes. I also got his autograph and he told me that my outfit was pretty *3* I was this close to squealing like a fangirl, I swear to god. I bouuuught... three volumes of Togainu no Chi, and Jasper got me a t-shirt ^-^

We also had sushi, which was fresh, and yummier than any sushi I've ever had. I was rather surprised when Jasper told me that it was the first time he'd eaten it. Strange. Anyway, I decided that next year I'm going to put together a Fallout 3 (Vault 101) jumpsuit. I can't remember seeing anyone in one of those this year or last year, so it's something different, and it's cheap, so I'll have more money to spend. I can get mum to help me, too, so possibly (sneakily) get her to field some of the cost. Hehe.

Nah, not really.

Moving on. On Sunday night I developed a slight cough. I didn't think much of it, since I was tired, but the next day I knew I had some kind of nasty illness coming on. I asked mum if she could take Jasper to the train station and when we got back I did not feel very well at all, and it only went downhill from there. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday feeling like I was dying, coughing so much that my diaphragm started to hurt, and on Wednesday night my throat was so sore that I was afraid to swallow. I was beginning to seriously think that I'd damaged something until suddenly, last night, it just stopped hurting. Weird. Didn't get rid of the cough, though.

I tell you what, this cough is a bitch. I can't remember the last time I had a cough for this long and it's driving me up the wall. I think it's interrupting my sleeping, too... I had a hairdo when I woke up this morning that would put Helena Bonham-Carter to shame.

On the upside I'm writing a bit more again, and my lord you wouldn't believe how popular my Fable 2 fanfic site is O-o Apparently it's been averaging 20-25 hits a day and that's with no advertising. I think that's some pretty good going and I really ought to get another chapter up soon.

Of course, that's after I do some usxuk updating and get out and look for a job and get to work on this 2500 essay that's due in ten days on a subject that I know next to nothing about thanks to missing two out of five of the lessons... I shouldn't have picked Green Writing. It's gonna ruin my high-mark streak, I just know it. Doesn't help at all that I really dislike one of the teachers (though it was very satisfying to find out that she had been made a complete fool out of by my friend Martin. Lulz were had).

Oh God, today, I totally fell in love with the singing voice of England from Hetalia (I also have both of his character songs if anyone wants them off me). I don't care if it's the same voice actor as Sasuke, he has a damned sexy voice DX

Done now xD

(Oh yeah, and remember when I fell over? My knee is still bruised. Fail.)



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