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I was put onto this by a person I know who plays one of the characters over at Ruby City, and it looked interesting, so I thought I'd have a go at playing it.

Cut for small spoilers and gratuitous posting of fanart )


Apr. 7th, 2012 03:45 am
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So I went swimming with sharks today ajfdlgjdfk




Here are the pictures.

We were in pairs. I'm the one with the longer hair. I may have a video or two, if mum can figure out how to upload them from her camcorder.
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The Good News:

I got a promotion (of sorts) at work on Monday, which means that I can now use all of the functions on the till and no longer need to call upstairs if I cock up or if someone needs to return something. I am very pleased with this. Kurtis was less than pleased as he's been working in the store since before Christmas and is still on the lower level, but Kurtis is nice enough, but he's a ditzy sod and Michelle doesn't trust him with the higher till functions when he's still messing up the lower ones.

I'm also being trusted to put the Gift Aid takings in pretty much every day I work unless Sue is counting up the till because for some reason she always nicks off with the form and takes it upstairs. I'm not sure why she does that because I'm perfectly capable of adding it up myself xD

My shark swim is in three weeks! Doesn't feel that long ago that I booked it, so yaaay.

Also I found a voucher that my sister and bought last September for a photography session. It's up on the 22nd of this month, but I emailed the place anyway, and they told me that fortunately they can extend it and they're going to call me to arrange a session, so that should be fun! They ask for £50 deposit to make sure you turn up, but you can get that back at the end, or use it to buy some of the photos they take.

Ben has finally stopped trying to chew his feet off. We had to get a cone for him eventually, which he didn't approve of, but it stopped the licking/biting habit for long enough that his paws could properly heal and now he isn't doing it anymore. He's currently asleep on my bed, the little sweetie.

The Not So Good News:

I got news back from my job interview, and unfortunately I didn't get the job. The same usual stuff about the quality of applicants being very high and unfortunately I was one of the ones they dropped. Mum thinks I should ring up and ask where I went wrong but I don't really want to, I'm just going to chalk it up to experience and move on. I think she was more miffed about it than I was to be honest! Oh well. Keep calm, carry on and all that.

Starting to lose a lot of enthusiasm with this whole job search thing.

Other Stuff:

A few days ago, I put down Game of Thrones in order to read Good Omens, as a number of my friends have been raving about it lately. I might give a full review when I'm done, but at the moment (and at the risk of being lynched), I have to say it's nothing special. Yes, it's funny, I'll give it that, but the narrative trips over itself at times and sometimes drags, and I don't really think it utilises the best of both of the authors. I do adore Aziraphale and Crowley, though, and their interactions definitely make it worth reading.

In other news, I bought a TARDIS for my goldfish. I kid you not. Here, look.

Check that bad boy out, how cool is that? I found it for £1.50 in the charity shop where I work, and I wasn't sure what it was for at first, but as soon as I realised I just had to buy it. His usual castle can get a bit of a break.

Lastly, we have a mouse living in our kitchen. It's decided to live in the back of the cooker and I'm not sure where exactly it's living in there, or how it's not boiling alive when the oven is on. We've caught three and think this is the last one, but it is so devilishly smart that it keeps avoiding the traps and getting the better of us at every turn. It comes out in the evening, when we're all still up, and I've seen it several times now (and almost caught it once!), as it's run across the windowsill or counter when the light's been turned on.

Today, I was in the kitchen when I heard an odd noise, like gnawing. I eventually located it. The mouse was inside the toaster. I got my stepdad to listen, and he tried to arrange the various traps we have to catch it, then moved the toaster. It shot out, and avoided all of the traps, and went back down behind the cooker again. People keep telling me we should get a specialist to sort it, but I don't know what a specialist could do that we haven't done, at this point.

I don't want to end up killing it, it's not as if it's there to be malicious, but it's a mouse, and they carry diseases, so it can't stay in the house =|


Mar. 10th, 2012 01:08 am
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I was in a rubbish mood this morning, until I opened the porch door and found a postcard on the floor. My first thought was 'who do I know who's been to Indonesia' then I picked it up and read it, and it was from [ profile] marimo_blogger =D Thanks darling, you made my morning far more cheerful <3

Work wasn't too bad even if I got there 35 minutes late because I couldn't be bothered rushing. The manager didn't seem to notice, but she doesn't wear a watch and her head is always all over the place so I probably could have come in at two and she wouldn't have realised how late I was.

We always get a little silly after 4pm, when people pretty much stop coming in. I can't remember what song was on the radio, just that Chris started dancing, and Kurtis was looking at him like he was mental. Me, I skipped across the shop, stood next to him and started dancing as well. We have fun... xD
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I've been slacking off a bit with entries lately but here I am again.

Last Thursday, I spent some very fun times with [ profile] nasty_show. I was waiting until she got her entry up so I could snag her photos and if I could I would be lazy and link to it but it is unfortunately friends locked so here we go :V

We met up at about quarter to one because I was derpy and late, and I must have had one of the slowest and rudest bus drivers working for First. Pleh. Anyway I got there eventually and was very happy to see the squishy derp that is Holly because I love her face.

LOOK AT ALL OF THIS RIGHT HERE. Long entry is long. )

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I don't usually work Tuesdays, but I went in today with my sister because she's doing two mornings a week. We were there from 10am until 1pm, and I probably should have worked harder than I did but hey I wasn't meant to be there anyway.

While I was upstairs, I saw a book that I recognised the title of - Game of Thrones. I've heard a lot about this book so I picked it up to have a look, then under it I saw another one by the same author - the third book (part one, paperback). After a bit more digging I found...

I got all of these for £1.50 each, and the latter four don't even appear to have been read. The spines are completely undamaged. The fifth book comes out in paperback on March 15th and I will hopefully have finished this pile of dead tree and ink by then. I still have The Time Traveller's Wife to read, as well as another book I picked up called The Last Templar. I spent £10 on six books. I love charity shops.

In other news, I've finally booked the shark dive that my dad bought me for my birthday. Yes, you read right - shark dive. It's booked for the sixth of April, and it is going to be awesome. It's been so long since I used SCUBA gear, I hope I didn't forget how to breathe properly.

Also this.

GT: But my thought process sort of went like this.
GT: Hes been my best friend forever and ive always liked him a lot as a bro.
GT: And years ago i used to joke around with him that we would probably be totally into each other if he was a girl.
GT: But of course that was before i started to realize he was probably serious about those feelings for me regardless.
GT: Heheh come to think of it maybe that was unwittingly poor form on my part kind of leading him on or something?
GG: Whoops!!
GT: But then...
GT: Later i started thinking.
GT: Maybe i was being kind of unfair to him in the first place?
GT: I mean by saying we would be a good match only if he was a girl.
GT: Like is that last condition there really all THAT important?

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Volunteering at the British Heart Foundation store is generally a good laugh anyway, but sometimes things happen that make it more amusing than usual. For instance, Kurtis' constant rage over having to do book rotations, or the way that Sian would probably stand there while someone carried half the stock out of the store, and how the bags of junk being thrown down the stairs sometimes sounds like someone is falling down them. I like to wind Kurtis up because the poor dear has very awkward social skills - which he admits - and his overreacting to things is occasionally funny (to clarify I don't do this just for his reactions, he knows I'm winding him up).

On Friday, while I was having my lunch hour, Clive brought in a brown paper carrier bag of magazines to the manager (who was also having her lunch). He put them on her lap, and she moved a plastic bag that was on top. I, on the other side of the table, glanced at the magazines and then spotted something that had me pointing and yelling "SPIDER!" in what was probably a more panicked voice than I remember.

Michelle, who doesn't like spiders, flipped everything off her knee.
Karl jumped up on a chair.
I nearly flipped back out of my chair.
Clive backed out of the room.
Paul and Kurtis cracked up laughing.

Then we had to find the spider because no one believed I'd seen it. Clive found on on the floor and tried to rescue it but I think the magazines had fallen on it and it was crawling across the floor with half its legs not working. So Clive squished it.

Augh spiders.

Moving on, I got a gift in the mail yesterday! I didn't expect it so soon because it was bought from the internet, but my awesome friend [ profile] inu_taiyoukai sent me this little darling!

He's tiny (about six inches long) and his name is Terrance! He has pride of place on my pillow with my other favourite toys and the little TY Beanie that [ profile] iiluov got me is his little girlfriend.

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For lack of an Iceland display picture, I'm going to use Norway. It's close enough.

We went to my dad's on Thursday, to see a pantomime. I'm pretty sure that America doesn't have pantomimes, and I have to tell you that you are really missing out. It was absolutely hilarious. But I'm not here to write about the panto.

A final chapter to the laptop saga comes in here. On Thursday night I got a text off mum saying that someone had called about a Samsung product. It turned out to be Laskys. Dad called them for me in Heathrow on Friday morning, and I spoke to someone who finally got in touch with the system support team and worked out exactly what had gone wrong. I should have my refund by this Friday. Thank god for that.

Large cut, with much rambling, and some photos. )
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A warm welcome to [ profile] igrab, [ profile] iwantasoda, [ profile] kilobites and [ profile] erkn to my journal from the LBGTQA Friending Meme~ I hope that you will not find me too annoying.

And a welcome back to [ profile] cazzwell since we somehow managed to unfriend each other. :1

I am a generally pleasant, sociable person who likes making new friends so don't be wary of talking to me <3 If you want to know anything I'm pretty much an open book, feel free to ask! All my contact info is in the second post of my journal, feel free to add me anywhere. =)

In other news, I'm heading down to my dad's tomorrow (or, well, today by my watch, I am going to get no sleep ever), and we're going to see a pantomime - Aladdin. On Friday afternoon, we're going to Iceland for the weekend. I'm not sure if I'm excited yet, but I guess I'll see if I can actually get to sleep tomorrow night. I can't sleep NOW when I've been tired all day so I guess I might be. I like planes. My sister doesn't. I'm a little concerned she won't like anything that's available to eat since apparently we have a set menu, but hopefully they'll be prepared for things like that. I really want to try puffin. I know, I'm awful. =V

We come back to dad's on Monday then back home on Tuesday. I know I'm going to miss my bed. Aaaah.


Dec. 27th, 2011 05:15 pm
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First of all, [ profile] arakni666, I apologise for the delay in the last chapter of your gift fic, I wanted to write it last night but ended up falling asleep x.x I don't know if you'll actually see this but I'm writing it right now and will have it done by tonight.

I've spent all day moving files over the wifi (again), though I spent most of the day downstairs so the signal was better :1

I'm going to Iceland in two weeks aaaaaaaaah XO AND I'M MEETING [ profile] nasty_show ON THURSDAY AAAAAAAAAH
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Last night, I went out with the family for dinner. I'm not much of a staying-out-drinking kind of person so I came home after we'd eaten (at about 6pm) and wrote the first chapter of my [ profile] usxuk Secret Santa fic for [ profile] arakni666 (and the fact that it was well received was also a nice gift). I'll be doing the second chapter today and the final one tomorrow. My sleeping patterns have been a bit off for the past few days so by 9pm I was feeling a bit meh and sitting in my room drinking Baileys. When the rest of the family got home, mother and Amy were rather squiffy, not to the point of being annoying but definitely to the point of everything they said being absolutely hilarious (two classic quotes from the night from my mother - 'Old people are beige' and 'Old people don't go on Facebook').

From not feeling terribly festive last night once I got home, I woke up in a rather good mood and got up once I heard movement downstairs. I've noticed as I've got older that my 'haul' of gifts has got smaller, but I've also noticed that I don't really mind. My Christmas has been staggered over two days for as long as I can remember - on Christmas Day we (my sister and I) get our gifts from my mum, stepdad, each other, and various relatives/friends of the family, and on Boxing Day we get our gifts from our dad and that side of the family, though they mostly stopped giving presents several years ago. :1

Anyway, on to the gifts. I took pictures of some of them, but not all, because I don't really need to take a picture in order to explain a pair of socks. Speaking of socks, I got two pairs of fluffy purple ones. I rather like fluffy socks since I don't leave the house that often and they're better for keeping my feet warm. I also got a scarf, and two jumper-cardigan-thickandwarm-type-things that I will now wear the heck out of until mum decides she hates them and buys me new ones next year in an effort to make me get rid of them. I also got a onesie. Ehehe. I will be taking that to Iceland. I have some bracelets and some fudge, and some nice smelling spray stuff that will probably last me forever because I don't really use it that often.

On to the things I took photos of.

From my sister, I got these two things. A mug shaped like a moose (the top comes off) and some hot chocolate, and a Union Jack hot water bottle cover (plus hot water bottle), which is just awesome 8D

From my friend Kitten, I got a Union Jack teacup and saucer set~ It was terribly unfortunate that one of the saucers managed to break while it was on its way but I don't much mind since I'm only actually using one of them, the rest are being kept nice and safe in the box.

Mother managed to do quite well with DVDs and such this year.

From my dear friend Ammy, I got these two lovely things, which I'm almost wary of actually taking anywhere for fear of losing them.

Lastly, [ profile] iiluov got me a TY Beanie Baby, after I found it online. I had it when I was much younger, and I have no idea where or how I managed to lose it, but now I have another <3

I'll likely do another entry tomorrow when I have all my presents from my dad, as well as (finally) a new laptop that actually works, which dad has been taking care of for me.
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I've agreed to do a reverse bungee. It will be taking place on November 13th. My boyfriend [ profile] lemmi162 will be there to watch, as will my dad [ profile] pushkingram if he can stay over on the Saturday night since he'll be here anyway.

Why did I agree to this?


In other news, MY BOYFRIEND IS COMING OVER. I don't talk about him much, and I ought to. His name is Darren, and he's from Reno, Nevada, and we're finally going to meet when he comes over to England for a week and a half next month. >O<;;

Mum seems to be in a much better mood now that me and Amy have taken on cleaning the house. I'm not minding this at all since cleaning doesn't take much effort and it makes my life easier if she's not breathing down my neck because she thinks I'm being lazy.

I had to clean my goldfish's tank again today (after about three days) because there was a load of random white fluffy stuff clinging to everything. I'm not sure what it is but it seems to be a kind of fungus that's caused by decaying material in the tank - namely plants and food. Since the tank is cleaned regularly the plants aren't dying and any bits that are stuck in the gravel get removed, so I can only assume that it's because my stepdad is overfeeding the poor thing and it's leaving food on the bottom which then is causing the fungus. Lovely. I'm going to be keeping an eye on the tank to make sure it doesn't come back.

It's getting to winter now and it's growing cold. At the moment it's 10 degrees outside (that's 50F) which may not seem that cold to a lot of people but when you live in a temperate climate it's sliding to the lower end of uncomfortable. What's more uncomfortable, however, is not the fact that it's cold outside, but when it's cold outside it's also cold inside. My bedroom, and my sister's, are located in a dormer and when it was built it didn't really get amazing insulation, as well as having a flat roof. So, the rooms lose heat. Quickly. I'm not looking forward to this winter. Ironically, in summer it's the complete opposite and the rooms hold in the heat like a furnace.

Plotbunnies are coming in thick and fast these days. Right now I have 25 fics on my prompts left to do, and four chapterfics. One of them is new, an idea given to me by something my bestu [ profile] berwaldox said. It's been a while since I've had a France/Scotland idea, but while RPing with her, something that her Scotland said caught my eye - "He's come back to me like I always said he would" or something to that effect. I'm going to see what I can make of it but it's likely going to be a short chapterfic with some matchmaking. I do like France/Scotland.


Sep. 20th, 2011 02:27 pm
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Last night I spent a very amusing hour or so attempting to come up with a name for one of the main antagonists for my dear friend and waifu [ profile] lemiru's upcoming new webcomic which is yet to be titled. He has been nicknamed 'murderprince' up until this point and after much throwing names at Miru and much giggling on her part at the random names I was managing to come up with I threw the name Matthias Ulfred Rodolph Dmitri Eduard Rafe Philip Robert Ingram Niklaus Cedric Eisenberg at her. So you don't have to spend any time staring at it wondering why on earth I picked those names, I will tell you right now that the initials spell out 'M.U.R.D.E.R.P.R.I.N.C.E.'. I thought it was quite clever.

Eventually, Miru decided she liked the name Albrecht, which I think fits quite well with the name of his errand-boy Marechal, Tibeault. Seriously. 'Albrecht and Tibeault'. How well do those names go together? I think 'very'. 8)

Though the wisdom that is Miru also decided to tack the MURDERPRINCE string on after Albrecht, likely with a few changes in the names, because royals always have ridiculously long names and because his initials all together would then spell out 'A MURDERPRINCE' which is just too awesome.

Mother is coming home today, and I'm kind of torn over whether or not I want to go to the airport when John goes to pick them up. On the one hand, it would be nice to see them off the plane, but on the other hand, mum wants to go out for dinner and I have this sinking feeling that something will happen to cause an argument, which will just leave me wishing that I never went. I don't think that I want to risk it, so I'll just wait until she comes home. I also have no wish to be trying to get to the airport (and away from it) in rush hour traffic... e.e

I think I'll just stay here. =| I have plenty of writing to keep me occupied.
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After looking at [ profile] unsafebet's cooking blog I decided to try and make eplekake by myself. She said that if it turned out badly her Finlandmuse would die laughing. It didn't 8) I have baked my first thing ever since high school seven years ago and it turned out awesome 8D

It tastes good too >O<


Aug. 13th, 2011 11:32 pm
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I.. am so... stoked.



Snagged from [ profile] synnerxx 

Give me one of my fics, and I'll give you three details that didn't make it into the fic. Background canon, deleted scenes, or a look into the future. If you have a specific question, feel free to ask!


I'm getting far too into Oblivion. To the point I'm actually pondering fic ideas. So there may be an Oblivion fic coming your way, following the Dark Brotherhood questline. Please do tell me if you'd enjoy reading it XP
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Today I woke up at 5am, after going to sleep at 9pm last night before my crankiness caused me to reach through the internet and kill somebody. I really was this close to just snapping at my best friend so I thought I'd better call it a night. Aside from being woken up at 1.30 in the morning by my drunk sister going 'HEY FEE WHAT WAS THAT FUNNY VIDEO YOU SHOWED ME' I slept pretty well. As for Amy, she came home at 9am today hung to the over and has been vegging on the sofa all day.

Something else which has been happening all day is the rain. I'm aware that it's a stereotype that we get a great deal of rain in this country but in fact only approximately 52% of our days are overcast. I don't see it rain all day very often and the last time it did the drains backed up and we had two inches of water flooding the patio.

I have been up for eleven hours and in that time I have finished a fic, had two cups of tea, breakfast and lunch, have replied to a roleplay and cleaned out the fish tank. Interspersed with making [ profile] nasty_show  think I'm a stalker because I live half an hour from her town and I'm rather pleased about the fact.

I have another pic from the dwarves of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Balin and Dwalin this time!

I can't wait to see Thorin. And Bilbo of course. And Thranduil. And Beorn. And just.. everyone in general asdfghjkl;

As for the video my sister was wanting to know the name of... that was this.


Oh look, a new tag!
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Bombur, Bofur and Bifur~! >o<!!!

(Yes, the one in the middle is James Nesbitt)
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Ben was barking at the back door for the second time tonight, and Amy called up to me that there was a hedgehog out back, so I took my camera down and there it was three feet from the door. I went outside and it stayed perfectly still and looked right at me while I snapped a couple of pictures, then ran off the moment I left. What a cute little guy >o<;


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