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I was put onto this by a person I know who plays one of the characters over at Ruby City, and it looked interesting, so I thought I'd have a go at playing it.

If anyone else on my flist has played this game I would love to hear from you 'cause as of the moment there's only one person who really fangirls about it with me, and that's the person I heard about it from.

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron has to be one of the prettiest games I've played, with a gorgeous soundtrack. It's pretty linear, occasionally confusing and the enemies can sometimes be frustrating, but it doesn't do that annoying thing that some Japanese games do where the last two hours is just boss after increasingly difficult boss (yes, Final Fantasy, I'm looking at you), and the pacing is good.

The main character is Enoch (yes, the biblical Enoch), who has been sent down from his position as a scribe on the Council of Elders to track down and destroy the Grigori, a group of seven fallen angels who have turned humankind away from its natural path of evolution. Enoch is a courageous, pious man with a pure heart but also a rebellious streak that leads him into trouble, much to the despair/amusement of his constant companion, Lucifel.

That's Lucifel, the archangel.

Who has the most orgasmic voice I have ever heard. Seriously, the whole game is worth playing just for his voice. His Japanese voice.. I actually don't know who it is (edit: Ally informs me that it's Ryota Takeuchi), but his English voice is Jason Isaacs. Yes. Lucius Malfoy. Mm..


Anyway. Suffice to say that thanks to this game and some very gratuitous spamming of images from my friend Ally it did not take me long before I was shipping these two like crazy... because come on. Look at them.

Of course shipping pretty men for the sake of shipping pretty men isn't generally my forté, thus why I wanted to play the game to begin with. That, and things I have been informed of later, have only strengthened my opinion that these two care about each other quite a bit.

I just.

I can't.

Shipping forever.

Fanfiction will be written. Oh yes.


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